Only One will survive?

Is it possible, that with Austin's comments about there being no declared starting QB, that the loser of the battle between Joseph and Crandell will be cut?

Durant is at the stage now where they either name him to the team or let him go completely. Would he agree to a second year on the practise roster? Would You?
If Tate is cut, I can assure you that someone else will pick him up.

But would Crandell be signed by another team if he is cut? I am not certain that he would.
And if Crandell wins the starting job, would management consider a $200,000+ player sitting on the bench acceptable business strategy or would they rather spend that money on others and release Joseph outright?

Could our 3 QB's be Joseph or Crandell and then both Durant and Tate? Remember that in case of an injury, those other two guys cut earlier are probably just a phone call away, just like Brian Giles was a couple of years ago.

The most likely scenario is, we will keep all 4 QBs.
If this were a "rebuilding" year, you might see one of the vets let go, but it would take a disasterous camp by either Crandell or Joseph to cause that.
With Durant, it would certainly be seen as a step backwards if Tate beats him out for the roster spot, but as far as I know, the coaches think quite a bit of both the young guys.
As the other two guys didn't even make it past rookie camp once Tate blew into town, it seems unlikely either made much of an impression.

theyll keep all four in some way. Like, look at KJ and Marcus' ages. Its not like either are getting any younger, unfortunately...

I see a 1 2 punch at QB for the Riders.

Keeping all 4 would be ideal (in case of injuries). As Joseph and Crandell get older I feel that Drew Tate could potentially be the starter in a few years. He’s full of talent and will only get better as he matures and gets used to the Canadian Game. I say they keep both KJ and Marcus, and whoever wins the job starts at QB.

Remember that year when we traded QB-Glenn for nothing before week one? Then Greene got injured in game one.

Henry Burris (who we had just signed) was injured.and Rocky Butler was put in.

Right before we traded Glenn, Butler was our 4th stringer. 7 days later he was our starter for, i think,the next two weeks.

Depth is so important!

Not really anything to do with this thread, but all four of those QB's: Burris,Greene,Butler, and Glenn are no longer riders. Kind of weird how much changes in only a few years, but then again this is the CFL.