Only one way for OBIE to redeem himself!

I sit here and write in fear. It has been three days since I last posted under a different name (stkitsfan). I was promptly banned for calling Obie a 'tired old man' and an a-hole. I apologize...I forgot to say 'out of touch', but I digress...sorry nonetheless for being insulting on the family site: Anyway...I will be banned again in a matter of moments...

I believe if Obie annoints Rich Stubler as D-coordinator everything will be forgotten. We will forgive. It most likely won't happen for a number of reasons...1. it makes sense 2. He's actually available 3. it makes way too much sense

Obie's first mistake was not getting rid of Charlie when West Virginia was a knocking. He's made several since. The Nucleus that was to bring us to the promise land is slowly breaking away. Coach T, Moreno soon Lumsden and Printers. This run is over. For goodness sakes get Stubler in now. Obie like those before him is plain and simple - arguably- a disaster. Make things right. Help us Obi wan your hopeless and so are we.

Thanks again forums I love you all unfortunatley I will be banned in a matter of moments. See you next year under another assumed name. You can't gag me! Ticats forever!

Isn't freedom of speech great. LOL

It truly is, tcfan,

when it's not laced with
personal attacks on others.

I apologized already geez. Freedom cost a buck o five.


Don't presume to speak for me.

How is it that someone that isn't good enough for the blue team, a team the ticats beat twice, supposed to be this teams saviour after being kicked to the curb in Toronto?

Because he will be hired and used for his strength as a defensive coordinator rather than a head coach.

Exactly tcfan, his failure could be our success, he is a defensive mastermind and could be the second coming of Sudsy. He's not our headcoaching answer, but we need to act fast, bump Creehan and get Stubler in to restore the 'hardnosed' defence. He would be one of the only ones that could build it up from nothng.

If he lets Creehan go after trading Zeke for not getting along with him I am NOT going to be a very happy camper.

8) You and a few thousand other fans too, BG !! :roll: