only in the NFL, 2:00 minute warning and they kneel 3 times.

what a joke!

Patriots up by 4pts on the Colts and they hit the 2 minute warning.

the Pats right away kneel down.. and they all start to Celebrate....

the clock runs... 1:15 they kneel again.... tick tick tick... 40 seconds kneel..... Game over! everyone walks onto the field celebrating etc..

BLAH!!! :thdn:

How is this great? how can all those NFL anti-CFL fans think that THIS?!?! is better than the CFL!!

Oh ya.. this is great too...

kick off, commercial... 2 plays, commercial. 14 seconds left in the half. then commercial.


no way in HELL I'd EVER consider that to be better!!

I hear you.

Just like in the Dolphins / Giants game in England. The crowd booed.

what the heck this games has to do with cfl?yall are funny peoples........patriots would manhandle any cfl team even with cfl rules.....

its pretty much the worst thing about the NFL, but it doesnt negate all that is good about it.

People that are one or the other really give me a pain.

Begone Troll

sanduskyohiobro you have gotta be the stupidiest guy i have ever seen on any forum in my life he did not say the pats or any nfl team was better or worse than any cfl team he said the 40 second play clock makes the nfl so boring if the nfl had the 20 second play clock and weren't able to end the game without at least working for it i think everyone would say the nfl is far better than the cfl but for 25% of the game you sit there and watch the players walk around and do nothing just think about it u see what 1 play a minute when the clock is running and manning is the worse because he runs the play clock to 1 every flippin time.

Yet, in the end, there is almost no difference between the number of plays run in the average NFL game and the average CFL game.

either way it had to have been the biggest rip off of a game!

and to your pats comment take away 2 of brady's oline men and he's garabage it was clear today when he played against a real dline brady was nothing until the 4th when the dline was tired. with the pats oline its so solid that you could put a monkey back there and he'd look good that offense is stacked.

everyone will say the pats are amazing but who have they played... no one the hardest teams they've played are dallas and indy. lets just see what happens these next 4-5 games against
philly, baltimore, pitsburgh all those teams have descent defences and brady wii struggle, he won't put no 48+ pts thats forsure

Its just the way their game is...

Always has been my pet peeve, how with 39 seconds in the game the teams can walk off.
As for sandusky's nonsense, it will never happen but I would take that bet about NFL teams playing our rules.

man use any rules u won win

I've been saying that all season. Ooh, they put up 49 points against the Dolphins. Hell, the Ti-Cats could do that, too.

Supadupatroopa, you say they have played nobody, then you go on to say they beat the next two best teams in the NFL; Indy, Dallas.
They also beat the Browns and the Browns are a good team this year whether you want to admit that or not.
They also held the Redskins to 7 points and scored 52, The Skins have been impressive this season on offence and defence.

You imply that teams like the Redskins and the Chargers and the Browns are no good, then you list the Eagles as one of the better teams they will have to face.

You say Brady will struggle against the next 4-5 teams, then you say he won't put up 48+ points. Is that your definition of struggling? Ask the Colts if The Pats need to put up 48+ points to win.

In fact, only two teams have managed to score more than 24 points (which is what they scored on Indy) on the Pats.

Nobody has been able to beat the Colts since Pre-playoffs last season and when the Pats do it, you rant on about how Brady is garbage.

Wrong forum guys.

The Chargers struggled at the start of the season... They aren't the team they were last season.

And I'd hold off on calling the Browns a good team. They have a win against a struggling Cincy, and wins against winless Miami and St Louis. They're biggest win was probably against Baltimore at home. We'll see what they're made of when they travel to Pittsburgh and Baltimore for their next two games.

If the NFL went to a 20 second play clock, at the 2:00 minute mark of both halves, that would fix the problem. It would be nice if they used it the whole game....I guess the good old boys down south, can't get back to the huddle fast enough...

That may be but that doesn't negate the two wins over the only to other undefeated teams. Going 8-0 is not an easy feat, no matter who you face. Calling Brady Garbage is a ridiculous comment that makes Supatroopa look bad.

The NFL should go to a full stop time in the last 2 minutes where the clock doesn't start until the ball is put into play. Otherwise these bad endings will continue to happen, it looks bad.