Only in The CFL would play games this sunday.

I second that, but Onknight trashes the team every chance he gets, ie "fire all the coach’s, to many players have big mouths, etc etc etc, until of course they win and then he is back on the wagon. Says they dont stand a chance against Montreal. LMAO we kick there Butts 2x plus pre-season. Like I said maybe Tom should buy the Cats or better yet he has had loads of experience coaching mabey become a Ti-Cat coach! Now he complains about the sechule, maybe apply for the Commis’s job! :lol: :lol:

PS I already know i cant spell, before someone comments on that also! :wink:

I find myself in agreement with Banshee, zenstate, MtnCat and drummer god.

Blogskee, no one said that the CFL is the most glorious of all sports leagues. . . I think the point being made is that if you are a fan of both CFL and NFL and choose to prefer to watch an NFL game over a CFL game that is on at the same time, then you are less of a CFL fan than others here who would prefer to watch the CFL game. Doesn't mean such a person is less of a person, just less of a CFL fan when compared to others. Not really judgmental at all, to each his/her own.

I used to follow the NFL. . . I do not anymore, haven't for years. That's my choice. But even if I did follow the NFL, I'd still prefer to watch a CFL game if there was a scheduling conflict. That makes me, in comparison to the O.P., less of an NFL fan than him. Doesn't mean he's better than me, nor does it mean I'm better than him. . . just that I'm more of a CFL fan, and he's more of an NFL fan.

Exactly. This theory is also supported by the fact that he believes the CFL should bow down and schedule our games around the NFL games. To me that is silly.

I'm not really clear on why it has to be a choice. Steelers have been my team since the late 60's, Stampeders have been my team since around the same time. Ti-Cats are my team now. (not a turncoat, just have a very good reason to cheer for the Cats).

Furthermore, I love CIS ball, Dinos are my team. NCAA - been a Ohio State fan since Archie Griffin and Woody Hayes. I coach high school ball, also coach community ball....going to the Dino's game tonight, taping the Stamps game, watching the Cats game on Sunday, taping the Steelers.

I have to choose? I love them all. I love what football teaches. The value of hard work, team work, sportmanship, triumph, failure, pain, joy. Each level is exactly the same. Same results, a win or a loss, joy or despair. Reward for hard work or incentive to work harder.

None of these levels of football compete with the other. They all have their place. Enjoying one league of football does not have anything to do with the enjoyment of a different league. And my level of enjoyment has absolutely nothing to do with the pay scale of the athelete.

Even bowling is a better alternative to NFL football.....Baggs has the right idea! :wink:

By the way, I recall an episode of Seinfeld where they said Kramer wasn't interested in the NFL at all....just the CFL (someone was trying to ditch some Super Bowl tickets)

At my place nobody even gets off the couch or touches the remote during a Ti-cats game. We even sit through all the RONA commercials. :slight_smile:

Furthermore no NFL game takes precedence over a CFL game. The only time NFL is on around here is when there's nothing else interesting to watch or when NFL playoffs start and CFL is in the off-season.

If The Detroit lions had game during Ticats Season Opener
I'd watch The Ticats Game game
The Lions Season Opener I watch it every Year
they won last 8 Games 4 end of 2010 all of it Preseason games.
Including Beat up on New England in 3rd Preseason game of The Season

Also I am paying Sunday Ticket it not cheep
so it no brainier ... for me Watch The Lions Kick off their season
PVR the The Ticats game
The Lions are Expect to make a Play Off Push this year
for 1st Time in many years.

The Ticats already going to be in the playoffs
Pretty much a Given .
Where we have yet to know .

I hope both Teams win
That would great day for me.
I am going Ticats game Next Friday then Off to Detroit for Lions Home Opener next Sunday VS KC

I like both Leagues If this was a Playoff Game For Ticats I'd be watching it 1st .

The CFL has better rating against the No Fun League in CANADA ! So i think its awesome that the CFL doesnt give a rats ass going up against the No Fun League. The Grey Cup out draws the Super Bore in Canada.

This years rule changes makes it the No Fun League X 2 !

THIS IS OUR LEAGUE ! Who cares what the yanks do !!

Appreiciate what you have in your own backyard ! If the Americans did the same the World would be a better place!

The same episode features Jerry’s classic remarks about sports fans essentially cheering for laundry:
:lol: nice Deerhunter

Very well said Coachjd51 :thup:

I remember the episode of Seinfeld that has been mentioned. He actually says "I only like Canadian football" not CFL. Same meaning but just being specific.

I was hoping to watch the CFL on the NFL network but because it's a Sunday game, no CFL game.
I agree the CFL shouldn't go head to head with the NFL. I'm sure that the TSN ratings will be down.

So when forced to pick one to watch live it’s the Detroit Lions over the Hamilton Tiger Cats? That’s sad.

Sundays were made for football.
Beer and turkey too, at least this Sunday! :smiley:

Which IS the point. CFL ratings are more than respectable versus NFL ratings, anyone who has followed the playoff ratings head-to-head versus the NFL in November for say, the last ten years or so can tell you that. Besides, putting the product on three days/nights a week on a national platform is something that a successful sports leagues should do. It works for the NFL, why not the CFL in the fall?

Oski Wee Wee,


...and the NFL has the nerve to run games on Grey Cup Sunday? What unmitigated gall !

I’m offended.

My opinion is that TSN wants games on Sunday.
I think TSN has a big say in scheduling.
Maybe they are doing it just to #!%& Rogers Sportsnet!!

Has anyone ever heard of mitigated gall ?