Only in The CFL would play games this sunday.

Only in the CFL would they take NFL on This is Opening Weekend
Playing sunday at 1PM when all the NFL Games Kick off
Only it Being Sept 11
What are they Thinking .. at CFL HQ..

If you Smart you play the Game on Sat and Let the NFL Have Spot Light Thursday Sunday and Monday

DUMB move by the CFL :thdn:

Screw the NFL this is OUR game!
So what everyone should stop because they have there opening weekend! :lol: :lol:

Will PVR the Ticats Game then and Watch The Lions Game Live

Not every feel the way u do Bruce
I Enjoy Both games and love to watch Both Live

I barely give the NFL a passing thought.

I typically watch one NFL game a year and it's called the Super Bowl

Go Tiger-Cats! 8)

Maybe they showed "NFL" only play one game at a time also! As they have 4 games on at the same time. So answer this how do you watch all 4 at the same time! If your worried about the CFL and NFL having games on at the same time. :lol:

(adapted from my response in the same thread in the main CFL forum)

Ummm... The CFL schedule comes out in February. The NFL schedule comes out in April. It's hard for the CFL to plan their schedule around an NFL schedule that doesn't exist yet. Plus, once school starts, it's probably hard to get people out to weeknight games, so they're more likely to get scheduled on a weekend, and they might not want to schedule double headers both Friday and Saturday every weekend. Venue availability probably plays a role too. A CFL game is bound to get schedule at the same time as an NFL one, regardless of their efforts to avoid that. Besides, like someone said in the main forum, it doesn't really seem to have that much of an affect on ratings anyway.

Only the NFL would play games this Sunday, when everyone knew the TiCats were in Montreal !!!!

The NFL starts Nov 28th this year.

:thup: :D

Stupid bush league NFL schedule makers!

less sunday games means more thursday games. no teams season ticket base prefers thursday over sunday to attend games.

if we're not playing sunday to avoid going head-to-head with a program ( NFL ) that has lower ratings then us ( CFL ), then i guess we should also avoid going head-to-head with the usually lower-rated blue jays as well. :roll:

Brilliant !...I agree ! :lol:

I always questioned the wisdom of CFL going head-to-head with the NFL on Sundays, when there are so many other time slots available in the late week and into Saturday. Having said that, for some reason for at least the past 2 or 3 seasons, the Als seem to have opted for Sunday afternoon games Four of their remaining games are on Sunday and the other on Thanksgiving, so they must have requested the scheduling from the league.

I don't understand why the CFL plays very few games on Sunday when they have it all to themselves in the summer, but then explode with Sunday games once the fall hits. They played three Sunday games all summer, but will play seven over the next nine weeks. It makes no sense. I enjoy both leagues, and I will be watching the Cats game at 1PM, but I would much prefer to not have to choose.

Really? When was the last time that the NFL didn't schedule their games on Sunday? The CFL, and every other sports league, knows exactly when the NFL will play its games.

Now, had you argued that the CFL was hoping to get some US coverage should the NFL not start on time, that I could buy. But saying that the league didn't know the NFL would be playing this Sunday because the NFL hadn't released their schedule is just plain silly.

Sorry, in my previous I had completely forgotten that the NFL now does Thursday as well, so I guess the CFL has been really been compressed into FRI and SAT (maybe WEDS nights) if they don't want to take on the NFL on SUN. No matter, this time of year is the most wonderful time of the year to be a football fan, and I get the tv room all to myself for most of the weekend. :slight_smile:

It is quite odd that the CFL would leave Sunday alone in the summer while there is no other football, then schedule a Sunday game just about every week once the NFL starts.

This is Davey shoving it down Goliath's throat.. Good on the CFl... we'll show them who's boss around these parts!!!

Ok let me see if I have this right, you are not going to watch a Ticat game live that could end up being a very important game with playoff ramifications so that you can watch a terrible NFL team in their season opener?? That is ridiculous. Some CFL fan you are.

I don't care about the NFL at all. If I had to choose between the Ticats and ANY other sporting event ever the Ticats would always win.

It's good to see some sense mixed in the insanity that is this thread. :thup:

Insanity? Oh, right, there are opinions expressed that you don't agree with, so therefore they must be insane. :roll: I sometimes forget that you are the one and only paragon of truth.

And why is it that when someone expresses an opinion that doesn't hold the CFL up to be the most glorious of all sports leagues, someone always inevitably questions that person's fandom? (In this case, Banshee questions Onknight's fandom.) If Onknight prefers to watch the Detroit Lions season opener than watch the CFL, that's his choice. That doesn't make him any less a fan than you, me or anyone else.

Sorry, but if you are a regular poster on and opt to watch an nfl game over any Cats
game, then I do think that person is less of a fan. Ridiculous.

umm..yes, it does.