Only in the CFL? What great league, even better player(s).

Just read the story about Eskimo Sean Fleming taking a pay cut initiated on his own by $15,000 and giving same to Ed Hervey to keep him from bolting to Ottawa. Where else in the remaining other pro sports greedy world would this kind of thing happen? I say nowhere else. Long live our beloved CFL.

This has happenned in the NHL (to a different extent).

Mario Lemieux decreased his salary. Also Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne took salary cuts to play with the Avalanche just to have a chance at winning a stanley cup.

It also happens in the NFL where guys take pay cuts to help their team have more salary cap room. I believe Teddy Brusci (sp?) did this. Milloy (who was traded from New England to Buffalo) took more money and said what Teddy was doing was stupid but how stupid is three super bowl rings?

I guess Hervey wasn't as important as Ray, huh. Who's giving up $260.000 for him.
I think Hervey stayed because the esks already knew Ray was coming back and that was added into the negotiations.

Just my thoughts!

and NO STRIKES...........the CFL is still the people's league.

EXCELLENT.... post.

In the MLB, when the Reds weren't able to pay for both stars Ken Griffey Jr. and Barry Larkins, they said they'd let Larkins go. But he and Griffey were best buddies, so Griffey offered to pay part of Larkins' salary from his own pockets.

No that really underlined how bad the situation has become over years.

How many leagues are there were people can have dinner with some of the players after the game............OR have some of the players bring the GREY CUP , into a local bar?

The ARGOS have their fans come and see their practises......ect.......

ARGO fans , can meet players after the game on the field.

I hope Hervey took ol' Fleming out for a coffee after that gesture.....or something stronger. :idea: