I don't understand the schedule the cats have a week off so they don't play for another 13 days and then after that they play 3 games in 11 days. What's the point?

It's called a bye week. Half the teams get one this week, the other half next week.

Most teams play 3 games in 13-14 days normally, so this is only 2 less days. Mostly due to playing on Labour Day Monday rather than a more normal regular season game day of Fri/Sat.

After the Aug. 29th game the Cats have 8 days to prepare for
the Ticats/Argos the Labour Day game on September 7th.

That is a longer than normal length of time.

The Cats have only 3 days to recover from the Labour Day game
and to prepare for the September the 11th return game in Toronto.

That will be tough.

On the plus side Toronto will be playing on the exact same amount of rest so there is no advantage/disadvantage to either team

8) Exactly right !!!

Calgary-Edmonton do the same thing.

I see what you guys are saying but a bye week would be good if the games are played every weekend. Why not what till after labour day to give every team a bye since thats when the rest of the games are played on a weekly basis.

It's not 3 games in 11 days. It's 3 in a period of 14 calendar days, which is not at all unusual. Kickoff time for the 3rd game is exactly 13 days (312 hrs.) after kickoff time of the 1st game.

LOL I wish they could play 2 times a week I go stir crazy waiting all week to watch them play :lol:

But that's why we love it so much? The just give you a little bit and take it away. Why do you think the NFL is the most successful league in North America? The don't play many games and only play once a week.

This is why hockey gets boring. They have a long season and they play up to 3 times per week.

Imagine the NBA or NHL or MLB if they played 30 games seasons, 1 game a week. You want to talk about interest.

it would be alot harder on the body playing 2 football games a week then it would be base ball or basket ball too.

I'm almost afraid to think what they may do in Edmonton. :oops:

In their first couple of decades, the Tiger-Cats regularly played 2 games on each of the holiday weekends (Labour Day & Thanksgiving) in the season. I think then, the season started on the Labour Day weekend.
Cats & Argos Saturday afternoon in one city and Monday afternoon in the other. Ottawa & Montreal did the same and I believe Edm/Cal and Sask/Wpg also. Often the outcomes of games were drastically different just a couple of days apart.

Also, the playoffs (two-game total points and/or best of threes) were played on Saturday, Wednesday and Saturday, with travel, by train, between cities included.

However you all think it is still rest time and family time . couple days away can make a big difference for some and cool others while hot ...