Only fair !!!!

I think every poster should have their own " ref sucks thread "! It's going there any how. I guess scrolling down to see the numerous other ones started is beyond some posters capabilities :roll: For the record , what a waste of time CRYING about officiating, it's not changing . Yes , one gets mad when your team is on the short end ,get mad but move on quickly to something else that matters .

We need one stickied "complain about the refs" thread, much like how DHC has a single "I hate the CRTC" thread.

Not so bad if they are talking about a specific call. After the initial hand-wringing, those often evolve into discussions about the rules or the way the rules are applied. But the “We was robbed” threads, claiming that “The refs have it in for us”, are just a form of venting. Entertaining at times, but not very productive.

And of course, there’s the old “Are the replay officials blind?” threads. Not sure why these aren’t automatically merged into one big thread.

Not a bad idea. Probably still have new ones popping up, though.

Would give mods the ammo to lock any thread that starts and refer it to the sticky. I like the sticky idea, keep it all in one thread so it doesn't clutter the main page.

They could just merge any new threads with the sticky one.

I would prefer that any "I hate the refs" thread actually be labelled something like "I'm a better ref than they are" or "I know the rules better than they do."

Those are two completely different topics. :slight_smile:

Maybe we should just forward all the complaints to Mark Cohen

Have a sticky titled Officiating Discussion.

The game that was decided early was the Stump-Esks game... that PI call was the TSN turning point... no matter how furiously Edmonton came back, their chance to win/lose the game was decided on that play.

Hey Saskatchewan doesn't have to complain anyway, they have had the Ref's in their back pocket all this year, Corey must be down a few thousand by now buying off Refs per game just look at all the bad calls that went in favor of Regina!

There have been missed calls that didn't go the Riders way... I can think of a blatant hold by an Esk olineman that allowed a TD to be scored, making the game much closer than it should have been.

Its all part of the plan to deflect attention, to make the refs look impartial :wink:

Good teams overcome , adversity. One play does not make a game. How about 47 yards passing for 3 quarters? Or Calgary receivers taking a 5 yard pass and turning it in to a long TD scamper.But yes , one bad call was it :roll: I hope you don't coach with that give up attitude?

Well, Edmonton didn't overcome that call... they LOST...

Great , they should have quit right there . Thankfully our gals in the 2002 Olympic Gold final in Hockey didn't have this mind set. What if Reilly didn't throw the pics he did ????? Guess that had no bearing what so ever :roll:

So what are you saying

That no call has ever decided the outcome of a game?

No matter how badly the refs perform....A good team will be able to win?

The refs could not fix a game if they wanted to(Im not saying they ever have but Kasps seems to think it cant be done)

I can think of 2 games where a bad call did cost the game and at least one where it came within seconds of costing the game

What I'm saying is, no one play decides a game. What about the parts of the game that the Eskimo's didn't stop Calgary and didn't make the plays necessary to stop a score, with out a penalty , helping the drive ? Couldn't those be considered , game deciders ????

Winner winner chicken dinner..... Exactly, what about the hold that allowed a player to bust one loose or prevented a QB sack and fumble?

Edmonton didn't show up for 75% of this game. If they want to blame someone for losing, they need a mirror and nothing else.

I'm saying that PI call went a long way in deciding this game... So if Calgary is stopped and only gets 3 instead of 7, could have meant the Esks win by one! So tell me again how that penalty call didn't give the Stumps momentum?