Only E Tickets.... or pay a Ransom to get Real Ones

I know that lots of people won't care. I also know that many clubs are going this way.

I just got my notice as a season ticket holder that "free electronc ticketing...will give (me) an unprecedented level of convenience." In other words, we're taking away paper tickets.

"For Your Convenience" - how I HATE THOSE MARKETING WEASEL WORDS - there will be no real tickets and everything will be e-tcketed.... unless I want to give the club payment "for the low price of $25 per seat" for real tickets.

Can you tell that I 'm really angry? Say it straight. You wanted more money. Okay.

Mild mannered peace-maker Mark is cheesed off royally.

Thanks 'Cats.

Stuff the "convenience".

Just thought of a great idea for the season ticket pick-up party.

At 10:00 on a certain date we'll all promise to go to our computers and open up an email with our season tickets attached and celebrate with a beverage of our choice. We'll be assured that somewhere, somebody has put out a plate of virtual cheesies for us.

I was a little bummed out about this as well, I thought this package was the perk of being a STH. I guess we won't be getting anything in the mail then?

I do understand that this will work well for their bottom line but to charge $25 for a "collectors edition" ticket seems really high, at the very least to some sort of grandfather system and push to go digital, and waive $25 per seat if you opt out of printed tickets. Do that for a couple of years, then stop the waiver…. Then a couple of years later, just end the physical ones all together.

Oh well, maybe the food portions will be better this year with the savings they will have with this ticket charge.

Ok, this is bullshit, I have 3 seats on my account, I have no problem with the etickets for me, but the two other guys dont even have smart phones or computers, so how the hell is that going to work for them??

I did'nt even think about that, Not saying the people with you are older fans but there is a lot of older/senior fans that don't necessarily use computers, and now you're basically forcing them to pay up $25. Unless they would be willing to print off the basic ticketmaster yellow tickets.

Also the person I sit with does'nt own a smartphone, so if Im not there and he forgets or I forget to send him the tickets. what happens?

I sent a reply to the email I received, asking if another option would be available just for normal tickets, not collector tickets, as they call them

I don't have a problem with them going with E-Tickets. Times change, and it saves trees.

I fully agree though, I prefer the team being honest about it and saying "Printed tickets cost of a lot of money and only this percent of people are using them" and this is the environmental impact by getting away from this. We'll still offer them at a cost, but it doesn't make sense for use to do this any more. Don't pretend that by taking something away you are doing me a favor.

Unfortunately in my experience, there isn't a single person in the field of marketing who feels the honest truth is something to just put out there. It's always "How can we spin this to seem positive."

Truer words were never spoken, unfortunately.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I was hoping for much more from a team owned by Bob Young. :oops:

Hi Rob. As the primary account holder, printing your group's tickets at home through your MyTix Account Manager is your easiest option. Select the game date, select the three tickets in your account and press print. If you or your buddies want to chat with one of our ticket service reps, don't hesitate to reach out. 905-547-2287.

Stevguitar - You don't have to own a smartphone to get into Tim Hortons Field. You can quickly and easily print your tickets out at home for all 10 home dates with a couple of mouse clicks. Give us a call at 905-547-2287 and we can talk through any more questions you have.

I too am a little disappointed, but I do understand. In my case I have 4 "season's" and attend only about 3 games a year, because of the travel distance and the fact that I'm still working and refuse to try to get to a game on a Thursday or Friday night. I work every second Saturday too. So...what else is new???

As I give my tickets away, I will pay the $100. I just can't see me handing some parent an e-ticket and saying..."here, be my guest...take your boy to a game...enjoy". However, I hope they see fit to give me a "limited edition" Tim Horton's Field tribute poster for each ticket. :wink:

I'm the first one to admit though, that Ticat season tickets are a bargain :thup: Don't forget all the things we get through the year, in addition to the savings. :wink:

The Ticats really do a Great Job with customer service, so, again, I'm happy to pay the extra for Hard Copy tickets. :thup: :thup:

Hammer - No marketing spin here. Digital tickets are quickly becoming the industry standard with countless teams, including the Blue Jays, already making the shift. Printing your tickets at home is quick and easy to do. So is forwarding seats to a friend or family member. Plus you get the bonus of mobile phone entry at the gates. Give us a ring at 905-547-2287 if you'd like to chat in more detail.

Woody - Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In your example, digital ticketing is tailor made for your situation. With MyTix Account Manager it's as easy as clicking on the game date and clicking 'transfer tickets'. You can forward your seats to any game directly to your guest(s) e-mail inbox. No need to meet up to pass over your tickets. No need to worry about forgetting the tickets at home. This option allows your guests to have the flexibility to print their own tickets at home, or show up to the game and flash their smartphones at the gate.

A big part of giving tickets away is "seeing that ticket" and picturing going to their first game as a young boy, in the big city of Hamilton. (don't forget...I live 100 miles from the stadium in a small town.) the e-ticket is convenient, but I'll opt for a Hard Copy. :wink:

I don't think you read my comment clearly. Not to mention I don't own a printer. Only thing I can do is remember to print them off at work but it does'nt fix the dilemma of what if I forget to print them and Im not there with my phone. I'll deal with it, but like one of the people above have said don't try and mask this as a convenience for us seeing how we were already able to print are tickets off at home before this. Call a spade a spade and say this is costing saving and environmentally more friendly.

While I appreciate you posting in the forum, and especially like that the organization and the management and owner himself does somewhat monitor this forum. In this isolated instance of this particular post, I frankly feel you have actually done more of a disservice because it gives me the impression you didn't actually read my post, just the last line.

As I said earlier, I don't have a problem with the e-tickets, so there's not anything to talk about, or anything to be done. Nor do I particularly desire a printed copy. What I don't particularly care for, is being resold an an option that I already said I don't have a problem with. It comes across as...well trying to spin the loss of an option as a positive, and in this case...needlessly, which was pretty much my core gripe.

What you should have gone with, when I said...

I prefer the team being honest about it and saying "Printed tickets cost of a lot of money and only this percent of people are using them" and this is the environmental impact by getting away from this. We'll still offer them at a cost, but it doesn't make sense for use to do this any more.
Should have been "Yes, this is exactly why we are doing this, in addition to reasons x, y and z. We still offer the option at a small cost, because we know many of our clients prefer it and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

Also, probably a bad idea to use the Jays the example, as the last couple of years whenever you accessed tickets online from them, they came with explicit instructions to NOT use a mobile device and to print them at home. So yeah, probably best I don't call in.

Thanks for posting and monitoring this forum regardless though.

Sent an email to the 'Cats and got a phone reply from Shaun Guest. Good call. We still disagree on a lot but he's aware that the primary complaint is the sense of being "spinned" rather than the change itself. I go with the last poster.

Shaun did say that the savings wasn't going into "profits" but to other fan experience items and that may well end up being true at the end of it all. It's his understanding, anyway and I appreciated his take.

Still think there should have been an ease-in option for some folk.

Some of the problem seems to come from the sense that printed tickets need to be commemorative items. Shaun kept talking about commemoratives. I think that the idea of the plain paper ticket got lost somewhere in the last couple of years.

I will look to see if the communication changes. The front office says that more and better communication is coming next week.

The Blue Jays did shift away from printed tickets. But season ticket and flex pack holders receive a card as shown below that can be scanned at the gates. I don't have a printer, and hate having to rely solely on my phone to get into a game.

Why didnt the Ticats do something similar to this? (The answer is cost).

I am same boat my ticket are bought with a Friend under his name .

But this way the world is going and yes it sucks rocks

Now that is a good idea