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Who's done that BigDave? Nobody thinks EVERYBODY is one thing or another, but the central Canada media does sometimes give the impression that it is speaking for everyone. It's not and this rankles those who are not from there.

I still occasionally read comments, such as one that appeared on Yahoo Canada recently from a Toronto resident, who claimed NOBODY is interested in the CFL. As anybody who follows this site knows, that's a completely ignorant statement, but that person got that opinion from somewhere.

I personally LOVE Hamilton's stadium so I vote for there. Either that or Montréal. If Ivor Wynne could be expanded and/or spruced up and still keep that heart-of-old-time-football feel, it would be awesome.

Once someone crushes Toronto's heart (the city ego in general) maybe it'll care more. Some of the media is so stupid, they're proud to admit they're more American. A city such as Toronto should be ashamed of admitting it's not a great CFL market. Instead they think it means they're superior. Now don't get me wrong, I know there's still alot of CFL in Toronto so I'm not targeting them.

Stephen Brunt is an idiot. He pretty much said that Toronto should get a team before LA and that the Rogers Centre would be a fine fit. They think that because Rogers and Tanenbaum want an NFL team that the BILLS are a given. Newsflash, they're not the onlyones dreaming of owning an NFL team. Do they not think people in LA want a team? Just because Toronto is more of a "World Class" city then Portland or San Antonio doesn't mean there's no one who wants to bring an NFL team. Not to mention, it's not a given Buffalo will relocate. There's people allover a country of 300 million wanting to own an NFL team and I doubt they'd be so dumb to relocate a team to the Rogers Centre which is not an "NFL Calibtre" stadium. Who says that someone in New York city won't buy an NFL team and keep it in Buffalo. Isn't it what Eugene Melnyk, owner of the Senators (from Toronto) did?

My point is that the big egos in Toronto are getting far ahead of themselves, under-estimating things.

They honestly can't be stupid enough to believe they're the only ones wanting an NFL team and no one outside SO will bring a team to Toronto without a stadium.

Sorry for the long post but that's how I feel.

PS I don't mean to be offensive...

Third choice: Winnipeg, the geographic centre of the country, and the only city that has represented both the East and the West in the Grey Cup.
If Asper builds that new stadium in Winnipeg, I think Bomberville would be a good place to host the 100th Grey Cup for the reasons Big Dave listed, even though we just had it last year.

I would love for some TO guy to go after the NFL, and then have the league deny them. Maybe that would shut them up.

have you seen the local wpg news? water rates are going way up? bridges and roads need millions and millions.
and you think winnipeg needs a new football stadium? never going to happen

have you seen the local wpg news? water rates are going way up? bridges and roads need millions and millions. and you think winnipeg needs a new football stadium? never going to happen
Ugh, why did you have to say something so dumb? I was in a good mood :P

NFL in Toronto will be a hot ticket. Ford Field is down the street, relatively new, and they're averaging 61000 this season. The (former LA) Raiders are just over 57K. Rogers Centre would have to serve as a temporary home. It's likely that the Bills next owner will want to keep its hold of this territory. It's not that LA isn't #1 on the list for a new team, but S. Ontario is already part of the Bills market. There's only so much larger that league can get and it's a safe bet that it will include Toronto. We'll know as early as 2013 if Toronto hosts the Olympics so it's possible we'll see a new stadium ahead of time.

The Raiders are a terrible team (I know, I'm a season ticket holder) yet they draw great crowds anyway (often a sell out unless it's Texas). They also thrive in a football crazy region of about 8 million people. Not only that but their stadium is pretty crappy. They still draw well.

After the honeymoon wears off with a hypothetical Toronto franchise, we'll see how well they do with a 2 and 14 record. I suspect not very well at all.