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Well, I could say that according to what was said in these responses, that it is a miracle that the CFL even exists today and that a GC could be sold-out in Toronto with the NFL so in our faces and huge now as North America's no. 1 league without question. What is going on then? Something, the CFL and GC is hanging in there so in this respect, is far bigger than it used to be where the "competition" from the NFL, if you will, wasn't nearly as there as today. The NFL should have smothered all vestiges of the CFL by now but hasn't in the thinking "competition" between the 2 leagues model which is not really what's going on here. What's even more interesting I think, in say a lot of Canadians will just say "I'm an NFL guy only", is that in some ways, they are acknowledging that football has surpassed baseball, which was no. 1 in the US for so long, and football is king. Of course, these people aren't able to see the relationship of how the CFL fits into the world of American football so they now say, maybe they were a real CFL fan at one time, "I don't like the CFL".

I guess what I'm saying is that for a lot of Canadians where hockey is no. 1, they don't want football to get that big in this country to take away the pizzaz of hockey. One way of doing this is to put down the CFL. But this isn't going to help boys, football is getting bigger and bigger in the States all the time I think, MLB is now trying to keep up with stadiums that the NFL is building in New York and Dallas that are going to be out of this world. Sure, the Yanks are building a nice one but I see football getting bigger.

Just all sorts of ways to look at things but the NFL, and therefore most of football in North America, is in the best shape of all compared with the other sports I see. TV money. And this is good for the CFL in a roundabout way if you know what I mean. Really, the CFL should be dead by now according to linear based logic and the thinking that the CFL and NFL are somehow big "competitors", as some see it. Not really. In fact, let's say, god forbid, the CFL goes bye, bye. No effect on American football where most of the people live. The NFL is still going to get bigger I think, and college football in the States. Baseball will continue to fall behind as no. 2 or maybe even no. 3 behind basketball.

The Globe and Mail's website has had pretty good Grey Cup coverage this week, surprisingly.

Here some more coverage from The Star..

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The NFl isn't North Americas number one league. Its the number one league in the United States. The NHL is the number one league in Canada. The CFL is number 2.

You can say football is the number one sport overall in North America. Because it ranks highly in both countries.

But the NFL is a minor sport in CAnada. AS is hockey in the USA. Which is why I say we should give them back their baseball and basketball, and we take back our hockey, and everybody would be happy.

The idea that there are 4 major North American Leagues is a fallacy.

In America there are 3: NFL, MLB, and NBA

In Canada there are 2: NHL, CFL


Good points guys about the Canada/US thing here.

If I were the hockey fanatics, and I do like hockey but not as fanatical about it as football, if the NFL came to Toronto with a team and they built a new Taj Mahal type football-only stadium which they would eventually with a team, I could see the NFL as even bigger in Toronto than the Leafs just because everyone knows the NFL is king in the US and Toronto would really jump all over that. Even now in Canada, in Hamilton, I see more kids wearing NFL hats than NHL ones. MLB hats are popular because they are the "in" thing for whatever reason but that doesn't mean it's as big as the NFL. Baseball has too many games for it to have the impact that football can have with the fewer games and much larger TV audience since each game is so important.

Don't know about the media coverage of the Grey Cup in Toronto, since I try to avoid Toronto media at all costs. But if it is as bad as some people say, it's just another example of the media trying to dictate to the public what is popular.

I'm sure that the majority of Torontonians -- even those who are not fans of the CFL -- are aware of the Grey Cup being in their city, and which teams are playing in it; and I'm sure most are pretty excited about it.

And if that reporter was asking guys on the tarmac at Pearson Airport about the Grey Cup, it probably shows how far he had to go out of his way to find someone who didn't know about the CFL.

I agree BD and I do think a lot are excited even if it's in a quiet way and denial type way. They know how important football and CFL is in a lot of communities in Canada even if they aren't real fans themselves, after hockey of course, and that a lot of people are watching the game all over Canada and how Toronto makes out as host. Torontonians are proud people after all, I would think and while they may smirk at smaller communities in certain ways, most are still proud to call themselves Canadians.

Now is a weekly newspaper/entertainment guide in Toronto. It's free and you can pick it up at a number of city street corners in the newspaper boxes. The Trailer Park Boys are on the cover. It's a free souvenir you can get signed if you're a fan. Here's the online edition.

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anyone watch TSN off the record today?
bob ackles, the commish, pinner, and clime.

i missed the part about the nfl commin to toronto, but i thought i heard bobby say he met with the primeminister about it and they agreed to keep the NFL out.

i was on the phone at the time and may have mis heard...can anyone clarify?

Next year will be the start of my campaign to make sure the 100th Grey Cup is held in a western CFL city.
The Grey Cup is the icon of Canadian culture and we all know those from T.O. are wanna-be americans.
Good luck supporting your million dollar American NFL players.

Here's some great news in the Star

There are still twice or more times as many cameras down south, but this works too.

mcx1000 - How are we Torontonians so American?. To me it seem like westeren Canada has a lot more in common with the USA than we do - every elected politian and policy that seems to come out of the west seem like a carbon copy of George Bush Sr.

Back to football - The Grey Cup will most likely be in the west for the 100th.

Well Alpha, lumping everything and everyone from the West into one giant pot is a typical Toronto whine that really tends to reinforce the Westerner's impression that Hog Town has a disproportionately high number of ignorant, unsophisticated types, who are more likely to visit Detroit or Buffalo than Western or Eastern Canada (that is if they ever leave home at all). I believe I can also say that many Quebecers and Maritimers have similar beliefs. So it appears that the vast majority of Canadians, who, despite the obliviousness of some from T.O., do NOT live in or around the Big Smoke, get pretty tired of the egocentrism that fuels Southern Ontario hegemony. So they lash out by calling you the ultimate insult.

So, when others accuse you of appearing to kowtow to American culture, it's probably because you are and because you are failing to unite with other Canadians, who are not embarrassed by their own culture, in celebrating the greatness of all things Canadian. Siimply, many Canadians are just happier to be who they are than some Torontonians appear to be, which makes Toronto prime for ridicule because of all the influence and privilege it has been blessed with as Canada's biggest city.

As for the 100th GC, I hope the CFL does a much better job of celebrating this milestone than it did the 75th., which was basically not recognized at all.

rpaege - well said but relax - I was just turning his arguement around.... I personally have travelled all over this great country and have often on this board argued against the us and them mentality.
No need to lecture.

My apologies Alpha, I didn't mean my remarks for you personally. Sometimes I just write this stuff because it helps sort it out in my own mind.

And lumping everyone from Toronto, or everyone from Ontario, or everyone from Eastern Canada into one giant pot is somehow enlightened?

I hope they do the same with the 100th Grey Cup that the Olympics did by returning to Athens on their 100th anniversary: return it to its roots. Hold Grey Cup #100 where they held Grey Cup #1: Toronto in 2012!

Second choice: Hamilton, if they can do something about the stadium.

Third choice: Winnipeg, the geographic centre of the country, and the only city that has represented both the East and the West in the Grey Cup.

re-The Grey Cup will most likely be in the west for the 100th.------------- HAMILTON WILL host the 100th GC- in its brand new version of I.W stadium :stuck_out_tongue: --- payed for by the taxpayers of toronto :wink:

Hey, no apology is necessary. I do the saeme thing at times.

2 sleeps until attending my first Grey Cup..... can't wait!
Going to the Vanier Cup tonight... might have to take Monday off... so excitied!