Only Buy The Toronto Sun

In my perusal of Toronto papers on the net, the only paper a Grey Cup fan going to Toronto should buy is the Toronto Sun.

I've read them all, and the Sun is the only paper treating this event with the respect it deserves.

Stay away from the National Post, and especially the Toronto Star. Unless you wanna read how you're all hicks who only follow the CFL becuse you have nothing else to do.

So if you want real football coverage, the Toronto Sun all the way. The others? Well they're great for bird cages!

Ah berezin, we're all hicks anyway, anyone who is a Canadian in the eyes of the only country that matters on this planet, the US of A. We just have to realize this. Sure, some people go to great lengths to be sure that they never wear a Canadian university hat or coat or CFL or CHL one in public and stay with something that you wouldn't get smirked at with like an NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL etc one. But everyone knows, these people are just kidding themselves in the long run, denying what their citizenship actually is, yikes - CANADIAN. Man, even the name CANADIAN sounds a bit hicky, eh? 8)

VEry sad eh Earl?
Today the first two articles in the National Post about the gRey Cup were negative. I mean its so predictable.

The one guy in the post talked to an airport employee who thought the Roughriders were a hockey team?

And he used that to prove his point how nobody in the whole city of Toronto cares about the Grey Cup? An airport employee who doesn't even know hockey, let alone football?

I don't know why I read these papers anymore. I just ain't worht the aggravatio.

Damn it, what the heck is the country coming to anyways? Before you know it, when you say the word 'football', someone's going to reply 'yea, I saw that Liverpool game also'. And then you know that Canada, as a country as we know it, is gonzo, finished, doomed for all time. :wink:

berezin, we just gotta chill my man and relax a bit and try and not take life too, too serious. I hear ya but I also hear the guy who says relax and don't be too serious. The Newfies out there can teach us a few things me thinks. :wink:

of course people from 'toronto' have the Maple Laughs to support- a real winner there!!

Hold on guys, I have both the Sun and Star and the coverage this week in both has been good.
With the Sun doing much better as it is front page photos, in the news and also mega sports.

Thanks for the info, this will help Rider fans who like to read Rider coverage as for the Bomber fans it won't matter much as they can't read or count past 10 :slight_smile:

Not reading the Star is good advice any day of the week.

Some of you guys will like this article in The Star. Keep buttering there, are you planning the parade for the Leafs SC win yet? I hope you've got a few truckloads of butter in T.O. :lol:

"Grey Cups come and Grey Cups go but the Leafs abide. Toronto knows which side its bread is buttered on."


Here's my version: "Grey Cups come and Grey Cups go but the Leafs are the biggest team to bloww." hehehe The Leafs are all yours Mr. Taylor, you can have 'em. You'd have to pay me to ever go to a Laughs game. And I'm serious.

The Leafs are just terrible again this year. Painful to watch.
Toronto is what it is. I would worry, though, that corporate Canada will all slide over to Calgary in the next couple of decades. The province’s tax rates, and proximity to the oil and other natural resource wealth, should make the Big Smoke nervous. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes TO being the most powerful city in Canada.
But no worries TO writers. When the football fans hit town, your city will receive it’s much-needed enema

AND they think a NFL team will fly ----Ignorance is Bliss

Don't make too much noise though.
Despite what they try to say, they roll up Yonge Street at 6:00 on Saturday night.
Except for the guys with the guns and the homeless.
They're always there to welcome you.

when I was in toronto in the 70's, we took over young street every night aroung 11. All night long parties in the summers man, it was outstanding.

re earl-You'd have to pay me to ever go to a Laughs game. And I'm serious.

recall--in the muck with nicaluck!! what great nastalga the leafs give us sports fans :thdn:

The Star has had some full page CFL articles this week and more to come. Very surprising.
Its a little surprising the National Post isn't carring more stories, it's owned by the Asper's is it not.

Most of the airport employees have cricket as a first sport and then probably soccer. :wink:

You're making the big assumtion that people from Saskatchewan can actually read. :wink:


re-Most of the airport employees have cricket as a first sport and then probably soccer. ---- you forgot Smuggling :twisted:

Ok, I take it back, I would pay to see a Laffs game as long they're playing the Habs - THE greatest franchise in the history of hockey in this country!!! :rockin:

Yeah but that's a side line not a sport. :lol: