Only a few hours to go!

Wow, burned on a zone read for like a 20-yard gain. This is sad.

RTP call for another 15 yards against. Lovely.

Screen pass gets Hamilton to our 2-yard line. I can't watch this garbage anymore. One team actually looks ready to play. The other team is sleepwalking. What's worse is even individual players aren't looking good. I don't care about losing the game per se but getting owned and humiliated like this is not acceptable, particularly not on home turf.

2nd half dismal to say the least.

Everything has been dismal with the exception of Calvillo's two-play TD series to start the game. Everything. Not one unit looks like it has a clue about what to do or where to be. ST gives up a return TD. The defense is getting sliced by backups. The offense is pitiful. Lord knows I wasn't expecting anything great, and I'd even have been fine with a loss, but to get blown out like this at home? Should never happen, not even in preseason.

This game has raised a red flag for me. It is now going to be crucial for the team to bounce back in the final preseason game. We need proof that the new coaches can have the players ready to execute at the highest level.

Ok, so things ended a bit better. At least Porter was able to move the chains and post some majors. But still LOTS of work to do in all three phases.

You have to think Porter just put himself in the driver's seat for the no. 2 QB spot with his late-game heroics tonight. If nothing else, he can sling the ball down the field.

Sure hope Clowney's okay; did not look good for him being wheeled out.

This went pretty much exactly as I expected. This was an organized scrimmage with a paid gate.

I feel Porter, Carrier and Rhodes won their battles and clearly deserve to be on this team.

Only certainty as far as a negative is we need a punter.

He can also get a first down with his feet and he's extremely tough. Josh throws a pretty ball and is worth the investment but he's "robotic" and fairly unidimensional.

I think Clowney got a pinched nerve. Hoping anyway.

I think what we did see however is Hawkins changeover offensively with more a vertical approach and utilization of middle of field deeper routes.

I would not put any stock into what you saw tonight. This gameplan was strictly to evaluate players in one on one battles. We didn't run the ball. We didn't use the width of the field. We showed nothing of our playbook.

...That's what we keep saying in Wpg. :lol: :lol:

Well you guys ran Garrett and Simpson the whole game. Jovon Johnson played most of the game, Glen January... Watson and Matthews played a lot and still didn't see the red zone.

Major disappointment,to me, was Josh Neiswander. Definitely not better than number 3.

Positive surprises/games,to me, were: Quinton Porter, Tyron Carrier,Wallace Wright,Ezra Millington, Nicolas Boulay,Michael Klassen, Ed Gainey. Rhodes was superb as blocker. Regarding KR, my preference goes to Carrier over Devine. I expect these 2 players to be on active roster,barring injuries.

After the game Jim Popp was on L'Antichambre on RDS. Pierre Vercheval asked him if he was impressed by some players. He named Quinton Porter and WR Kenny Stafford. About Porter, he said that he is a gamer; he did say that he's been saying that to the coaches at training camp,coaches who were down on Porter. About Stafford, he said that he was good in training camp and also tonight. He also agreed with Pierre who said that Boulay, Mellington had good games,along with Jordan Verdone on special teams.

I am anxious for next week's game against the Argos. The Argos may be the team to beat in the East.


They are the Champs Richard and are in year two of their program. What's important is to improve over the course of the season. Injuries will play a big role in the standings as well. I was impressed by how cool and well prepared Austin's team was, they will be a much better team this year all around.

Not a bad night. I didn't win the contest but at least managed to catch the 50 yarder and finish a point behind the winner who chose Brandon London's jersey.

20,174 is an acceptable attendance for a pre-season game. We haven't regressed since last year.

Neiswander was indeed a disappointment as Richard said. Happy for Porter.

Sorry to hear, you didn't win a Jersey... Must have been a blast anyway.

I'm happy for Porter too. He grinded that out and he's forced Miller's hand. :thup:
You got to like it when a guy goes out and just takes it.

Als were out-coached last night on offense and on defense.

The offense was completely disorganized, and I feel for Neiswander because his receivers (DesLauriers and Clowney in particular) really didn't help. The protection was poor all night, including in front of Calvillo. Als kept calling the same deep play in which the Hamilton DBs were all over the receiver. Are their DBs that good? It sure looked that way.

On defense we had no pressure on the QB, despite all-out blitzes. Same as last year. We had no answer to Hamilton's swing passes and screens. Mr Thorpe, you have some work to do! I was expecting much more.

When will the Als' back-ups shine? OK, Wright, Gainey, Lockley, Rhodes and Porter did. But so many others didn't.

To me the brightest spot was Porter, who made something out of nothing. Those last two TDs are on him. He deserves number 2, no doubt.

Hamilton must have been using a different ball, because their punts and kick-offs went much, much further than ours. Seriously, why were the Als not looking at our other kickers? It's pre-season time!

OK - a few random thoughts after this game, and keeping in mind there will likely be players we don't see in the 2nd pre-season game. I'm still of the opinion that we need at least one more pre-season game to allow the new guys in camp to get more game experience.


Wright, Wallace, Carrier, and Millington looking good. Capable of getting separation and making contested catches.
Deslauriers - not good on the 1st attempt. On 2nd, the pass was ahead of him. I think the "experiment" is over. Time to go. The Als should trade him.
Jennings, a keeper in the absence of Whitaker, but not that great lateral movement. Rhodes - a warrior, and has lateral movement. Both TBs punishing runners. Both keepers, for now.
Neiswander - not effective passer. More often than not, the pass was behind/too high... Marsh, in his brief appearance, looked better insofar as his quick release was concerned. I'd like to see more of him to get a better idea, but we may not see him again. Porter - definitely a keeper. He can make things happen with his feet and his arm.


Still have work to do in the secondary. The zone coverage was getting beat regularly last night. Often, receivers were able to make catches despite a swarm of red jerseys in the area. No effective push from the D-line. Also, the lateral coverage not effective. We were getting beat regularly by screens - two of which went for long gains and TDs. This has to be worked on. Also, the blitz packages have to be better screened and the secondary has to ensure maintain. There were occasional flashes of brilliance by Gainey, but that got buried on a night where the D was simply off. The Hamilton coaching staff adjusted as the game progressed, whereas ours did not. So, we were outcoached as well as outplayed. Where the D-line is concerned, there is work to be done. On the few occasions when there was penetration, we were able to knock down passes, disrupt the QB.

STs - sigh! what can I say? Same old, same old!

Both Hamilton QBs Lefevour and Masoli looked good as did Lamarr.

So, still a work in progress. The boys showed some heart mounting a comebback that fell just short. No panic at this point; it's still pre-season, and we have yet to see our veterans in there. So, here's hoping for better things next Thursday.

You kind of answered your own questions Phil. The plan was to show nothing but just chuck the ball downfield and see what the receivers could do in one on one coverage. The Oline were backups. I will say that we dodge a bullet when Bomben got rag dolled and Calvillo took a straight shot. Was a bit of lunacy to put Calvillo out there and leave Flory out.

As for the defense. Believe me QB's would not have been that brave had they had to run into Cox, Hebert, Bowman and Kuale.

The punting was terrible but the long snapping was bad in a lot of cases. Whyte admitted he had a tough game. If it was me I'd give Medlock a call and go with an American kicker. If this team can start 8 Canadians, there is no reason why we can't field an import kicker.