Only a few hours to go!

Well, the speculation, hype...gets put to the test in a few short hours. I hope to see some good things from the guys in camp.

That said, it's hard to evaluate guys with only two pre-season games. The coaching staff will have some difficult (or perhaps not so difficult) decisions to make after tonight's game. As a rule, AC doesn't appear, or appear for very long in the first pre-season game.

So, I wonder who will distinguish themselves tonight. Thoughts?

I am curious to see how Devine, Neiswander, and the d-line - Lockley, Kuale, Berry, Hopkins, etc. do.

But we have to keep in mind the following from Drew Edwards:

The Ticats have released their depth chart for tomorrow's game and, as I reported yesterday, a number of veteran players are staying home. Among them: quarterback Henry Burris (who is coming to Monteral but not playing) defensive backs Evan McCullough and James Patrick, offensive linemen Marwan Hage, Peter Dyakowski and Brian Simmons, wide receivers Andy Fantuz, Sam Giguere and Bakari Grant and defensive lineman Brian Bulcke, Greg Peach and Brandon Boudreaux. Of those, Patrick, Grant and Peach have all recently missed time with injury.

Neither kicker Luca Congi or punter Josh Bartel are on the roster, leaving the kicking duties with import Delbert Alvarado and draft pick Brett Lauther.

The most significant change from yesterday's practice: linebacker Simoni Lawrence, who looked set to start at middle linebacker, hurt his knee and isn't playing. Jamall Johnson, who was slated to stay home, is now listed at the top of the depth chart (though I doubt he play more than a quarter.)

Yes, it only pre-season,but if the Als lose I will have concerns. Usually,in these pre-season games,particularly the first ones,the home teams have an advantage because they usually play more veterans than the visiting team. Tell that to Winnipeg fans.


I do hope they come away with a W but with the new coaches, new system will not be surprised if it is a slow go tonight.
I am hoping to see a strong effort in particular on D and ST.

So far, not impressed at all. A couple of players have done well but overall every unit looks poor. Thorpe got owned on that Walker screen TD. He'd better realize quickly that the year isn't 2002; offenses have evolved, and you can't just send blitz after blitz the way Matthews did back in the day. Neiswander is not inspiring confidence at all.

Missed first half. Just tuned it to see the score is 23-10.
How much did AC and regular starters actually play?

Ac was in for like 2 plays. One 50-yard bomb to Richardson followed by a 2-yard Jennings TD run. Neiswander's been in ever since and the results have been ... less than stellar. Two picks and low completion percentage.

thx D&P. And the D and ST ?

ST gave up a TD and the D got burned for a TD on 2nd and 10 screen pass just before the half. :frowning:

Brutal. Offense can't get anything going. Nobody has any spark and the Cats are now up 26-12. Defense gave up a big pass play off a man falling down in coverage (couldn't see who it was).

I want to see the offense move the chains and put up points on this next drive. If they can't post up at least 3 points against an equivalent B team in their own ballpark, I'm concerned.

Well, I know it's pre-season, but I'm not impressed thus far.

Hope they do better next week when we get some of our starters back in for a little longer.

Sigh! Should I say it? Again burned for a TD on ST!

Awful. Rhodes with an 8-yard gain but then stuffed for a loss on 2nd and 2.

All three units look sloppy and lifeless. Nobody looks motivated.

I see you posted in the T-Cats forum with; Not very impressed with my Als so far. As usual they don't acknowledge a post from other teams fans....Brutal to say the least.

No pressure on Hamilton's second and third-string QBs. They're sitting back there and slicing us downfield now.

I have serious concerns now. A B team vs. B team matchup in our own stadium and we're getting embarrassed.

I dunno, I find most of them are civil and willing to talk football. There are a few bad apples but you'll find those in any forum...

True enough...cheers

Defense holds but we're pinned deep in our end on the ensuing punt.

Run defense looks solid, I'll say that for Thorpe.

Annnd Porter brought down for no gain or sack on two consecutive plays. This is awful. I feel sorry for any fan who paid money to attend this game.

Whyte is the league's worst punter.

Porter doesn't seem to have changed. Hangs on to the ball way too long, then tries to scramble instead of throwing it away. :thdn:

So why are we in such a hurry to retire Calvillo again? Both our backups have been several deep rich shades of terrible tonight.