YES ITS TRUE TICAT FANS ONLY 92 DAYS TODAY TILL WERE SITTING IN GOOD OLD IWS CHEERING ON OUR TEAM. Its been a long off season lets think ahead to better times 92 days from now

Still too far away I want to be here Tomorow :frowning:

Thanks for reminding me how far away the season is................... :frowning:

Now kiddies...time will pass before you know it. :wink:

Yeah, we’re now down to 91 days…

…I swear the calender is going backwards…

This is such a depressing thread… :frowning:

I just hope the team isn't!

sorry to piss on ur half glass full attitudes but look at it this way weve lasted 4 months of the off season whats another 3

92 DAYS?

I work it out to be 90 days.