Only 400 people showed up to McMahon to welcome them home?

People who live in small towns(ie Regina) have no idea what it is like to spend 20 hours a week in traffic and to spend another $100 a week on parking... I am very envyous of them just let them live in their ignorance and be happy.

The only thing that really disapointed me Red, was the lack of an official recognition from city hall.

This is the stupidest, most childish thread that's ever been started...

To the one Rider fan that started this... grow up. We all know your team has great fans. But to start a thread saying that 'Regina would have had more and what's wrong with you pathetic Stampeder fans??'. Is just plain idiotic IMHO. While Regina revolves around it's football team (what else is there to do, I guess?), that's not true for every city. People have other things to do in Calgary, other priorities, not just football. It doesn't mean they don't love their Stampeders.

There was once a time when Rider fans were likeable and well-respected. That's starting to fade now.

Don't worry Calgary fans... enjoy your championship. Your team has taken a beating on here the past week, what with the 'only 400' people who came to the airport, and Sandro's comments (OK, I didn't like his comments, but still...). But you have nothing to be ashamed of. Don't let any fan of any other team tell you other wise.

Say what? I guess you were not there! The players all had white hats from the atrium of City hall from the mayor and the mayor nmade a speech regarding their win. And how can you miss the 5 story banner hanging in front of city hall promoting the grey cup in 2009. I know your just yanking my chain aren’t you. The eskies suck and you just needed to get a dig in there LOL.

Thanks Catsfan greatly appreicate this very fine post. And it is true. I have been sitting back laughing my butt off at this. And frankly the post slamming the celebrations of the Stamps win is about all you have to see about some of the class less posts that come on to this site. From slamming the players to slamming the fans and attacking the celebrations is basically as low class as you can get. But I really expected it. For those that have done this take a bow you are reall hero’s in your own mind. I thank all CFL fans that have taken the time to congratulate the Stamps in their win. This was not easy to do in a very tight western division.

Actually Red, I was reffering to City Councils refusal to proclaim a Stampeders appreciation day. Yes the Mayor and others from Silly Hall were at Olympic Plaza to glad hand and enjoy a photo op, but IMHO there should have been “official” recognition from Council. Unfortunately, the Olympic Plaza event was difficult for many Calgarians to attend, including most school age children unless the skipped or were luck enough to go to schools in the core.

CFlesksfan who do you suppose paid for the event at Olympic Plaza. Big deal no declaration even the falmes did not get that. This is not Pariliment Hill or the White House!

Actually, I believe the Flames did get a proclaimation in their honour, but it was so long ago most of us don’t remember although you still see some tattered t-shirts around. I think this may also be the first time the Stamps won where there was not a proclaimation from the mayors office.

With the city council we have do not expect anything that would not benefit their own needs. Yes they were there for the photo op, and Dave likes his picture on every civic document. But as far as supporting anything sports wise like a proclamation forget it. I agree with you cflesks but Dave and his merry morons have enough trouble making easy decisions.

The bottom line is the fans celebrated in their own ways and despite my avatar, I cheered celebrated right along with them, unfortunately my Eskimos couldn't come up with their end of the bargain to have made this the perfect Alberta dream.