Only 400 people showed up to McMahon to welcome them home?

We had more people in our airport at 3 o'clock in the morning after the West Final last year. No offense but that is kind of sad.

That's what happens when a team wins 3 Cups in 10 years VS 3 Cups in 100 Years!!!!!

That is pretty sad. Heck we probably have more in the Regina airport after a playoff loss.

What else is there to do in Regina?

You mean in addition to ridiculing Stamps fans?

Source, or are you just spouting off?

…story’s been on the homepage of since yesterday…

I'm afraid that in cities with NHL teams, the CFL team will always take a back seat and not get the fans as much out. Don't worry about it too much though, the CFL is doing pretty well on it's own and to me just 400 people showing up, if this is the case, doesn't mean the city doesn't love their Stampeders.

Where did you get that number and you do realize that was an unoffical gathering so is your intent to troll or you want a medal to pin on your chest.

From what they said on TV it was an unoffical gathering of 1500 people on 2/7 news

....the official celebration is today at Olympic Plaza, expect the attendance will be thousands....but who cares when all a hater wants to do is report the negative... 'bigj' short for big jealousy?...just wondering...

How long does it take for a Rider fan to get to the airport in Regina - 10 to 15 minutes tops. In Calgary, well you Stamps fans would know better that me the hassle to get to the airport, park etc. So enough of this dissing on the fans of other teams - It is understandable that thousands don't show up at Calgary airport and save their efforts for the official ceremony. Congrats Stamps - enjoy your celebration.

They disembarked from another area of the airport. They did not go through the main terminal. The area they disembark is not accessable to the public. I guess they do not have that for the small airports in Saskatchewan.

All right then. :lol: Just wanted to make sure it was true. Getting tired of people ragging on other fans. Enjoy the celebration at the Plaza Stamps fans.

Thanks Chief will do!

Sure we have areas in our airport not accessible to me. We call them the ladies washroom!

Artie your such a clown. :smiley: Great sense of humor. They departed the pane on the west side of the airport in otherwords where the old airport once stood. The bus was on the tarmac picked them up and took them to the stadium. They do not go to the main terminal. Oh by the way ARtie how would you get into the ladies outhouse? :wink: :lol:

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RW05....I don't think people were commenting on the team's arrival at the airport....they were talking about the lack of fan turn out at the teams arrival at their own home field. The mention of fans at the airport was what happened for the riders last year after the BC game, but I can understand how you could confuse McMahon and the airport....I mean they are so similar...

btw....congrats to your team winning...

Yes they did and I repsonded that fans in Calgary can not greet them at the airport here. And the arrival at McMahon stadium was unoffical. It was caused by a few people emailing it was not an event that was to happen. The party at Oylimpic Plaza however drew around 12 000 fans. But you have to remember how difficult it is to find time to leave work and then there is the parking problem downtown. These things difficulties would not be a problem in Regina I assure you.