only 4 players on D have dressed for every game this year!

Was just looking back on our opening game 42-man roster and talk about injuries and changes! Only 4 players on D have dressed for every game so far this season.2 starters(dt-B.Bulke,mlb-J.Johnson) 2 back-ups(dt-H.Hizime,db/lb-M.Beswick)
As well as all the injuries the team has released 4 players that started at least 1 game this season(Knowlton,Colclough,Parks,Patrick) and has seen from what I counted at least 7-8 different players miss time to the injury-list.This is a lot of juggling for any team to go through,if you also look at the starters in game #1 we had only 1 rookie crack the starting line-up,that being D.Breaux.Since then,we have had up to as many as 9 rookies starting in a given game.The game against EDM. saw us have 7 rookie starters on D. I say kudos to Austin and Steinhauer for keeping things together under such adversity,these young rooks are getting valuable game day experience and are improving with each game played.Once we get back such vets as Mccollough,Isaac,Lawrence,Bowman etc. This D is going to be in my opinion a force to be reckoned with!!!! :thup: :thup:

And that, my friends is why the team is 2-4. It has little to do with coaching or Hank Burris or talent or any of the other favourite punching bags of the complainers. Injuries, that’s it.

And a ton of rookies/inexperience.