Only 30,185! What's that about?

Ok before you go on about how the rest of the teams in the league would kill for that number, let me tell you that this for a team that usually gets 50,000 or more for a playoff game this is very bad!

You would think that for a big game vs their arch rivals from Calgary that the Eskimos would easily get 50,000 fans in those seats. Especially for their first home playoff game in 7 seasons!

That is embarrassing! Where was everyone? Time isn't an excuse as it stared at 2:30 and there was no hockey game tonight. Roads were fine, weather is normal for this kind of game.

So now what is the excuse this time around?

I was shocked too. The playoff number were not great this year.

Welcome to the age of Big screens and High Definition.

Yeah even Montreal was really low this year compared to others. I know this was a semi final game and not a final game like they are used to, but I was still expecting minimum 40k for each game.

I guess your prediction of 50K screaming Als fans went down the drain eh?

yes I was quite disappointed on both games. like what the hell?

just can't understand Edmonton's lack of motivation to come out and support their team by getting 50,000+ fans into Commonwealth!?

Did big screens and HD just come out this past week?

This is the 2nd worst attended game for the Esks all year.
And this was a must win playoff game against a hated divisional rival!

The Esks have had many games this season over 35,000 and as high as 45,672 in attendance for a week 11 regular season game which was much less meaningful than a do or die home playoff game.

I guess big screens and HD weren't around during the regular season.... :roll:

it can't sit and rot over the off season. the Team's management needs to look at why the attendance was down. I think it's ticket prices and I believe they're going to have to make some recessions for groups.

I am not impressed.

Edmonton's prices are cheap enough.

It's pretty sad they didn't show up.

Same with Montreal. At least Montreal lost. Too bad Edmonton won.

Montreal's was the sixth highest gate out of 90 games this season.

I was disapointed in the turnout. On a bright note, they did have a sell out down the road at Rexall Place.

I'm disappointed in the attendance as well. But the weather looked cold and windy. If I had a choice to sit at home being warm and lots of snacks I might stay home as well.
Maybe this is something the CFL needs to look at for teams with no retractable roof, especially Praire teams would be nice to be warm and watch the game.

I just looked at the numbers for both games. Wow. What the hell? It's not like you can even say Edmonton went into the playoffs on a losing streak.

The Eskmos were competing with the Canadian Finals Rodeo, we are big rodeo fans in Alberta. Imagine if they were to stage a protest in Vancouver or a tractor pull in Regina at the same time as a football game.

Joking aside, when you have 20000 sports fans attending another event at the same time it had to have an impact. Most people would have had their CFR tickets prior to the Eskimos finishing the season.

I was very surprised as well! Edmonton is a football town and they love their Eskies. I was quite astonished when I saw the end zones completely empty- and against Calgary of all teams.

Where were the Calgary fans? It that was the Riders playing in that game any seats not wanted by Edmonton fans would surely have been snapped up by Riderville. Surely Calgary fans would want to make the 2 hour drive to Edomonton to watch the semi-final.

Oh was there a home Oilers game? That explains it and rodeo. That makes me feel a lot better. Montreal tho? I just hope that Alouettes fans will get back to their sellouts. We need you guys, we need all our CFL cities to pack their stadiums. It will make every game more excting.

You just have to dress warmly and be prepared. I went to Grey Cup 2000 in Calgary and it was like -10, I didn't even notice it and i'm from Vancouver lol.

No Oilers were in Chicago last night..

The Oilers were in Chicago, because Rexall place was booked for the Canadian Finals Rodeo, the Oilers are always on a road trip in November. The CFR was a sellout Sunday, hence 20000 some sports fans from Calgary and Edmonton were at Rexall place. Can't be at both. Had I bought tickets for the CFR, I would have been there as well. Fortunately I didn't get CFR tickets this year, first time in several years.

The diehards were there. The casuals likely decided to watch at home. Disappointing for sure. They havent hosted a home playoff game in 7 years and the team deserved better