Only 3 games next weekend

With only 3 games next weekend, time fo a little fun to occupy our minds

Stupid things you overhear people say.

In a department store.

(Lady) I've been wanting to try this for a while now.

(Man) what is it?

(Lady) It's liquid powder.

In a grocery store.

(Lady #1) Are you going to the social tonight?

(Lady #2) Only if I can get my kids'es grandfather to babysit.

At a friend's house, young children watching cartoons.

(Friend) pointing to a female caricature on television, see that one? I would hook up with her.

At a friend's house watching CFL.

Ka'Deem Carey makes a catch and YAK yards against the Bombers.

(Calgary fan) bumps me with his elbow, now just imagine him doing that in a thong, Eh

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In a CFL forum thread:

Bombers are gonna finish LAST (that was knee slapper). :grin:

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Ya, another knee slapper I heard recently.

A bunch of riders are game time decisions after a Winnipeg restaurant gives them food poisoning. Sad.

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Ya. Claiming that one of our restaurants GAVE them food poisoning. I'm sure they had to PAY for it.

Back when I played high school football I fell for the restaurant-in-host’s-town-gave-me-food-poisoning every time.
I’d have been all-state otherwise.


I worked with a person who took every second Friday off (day after payday) sick with food poison from a well known chicken restaurant. The boss told him, if you eat at that restaurant again you'll be fired.

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