only 28,000 sold as of yesturday morning

Should be a great atmosphere and decent crowd on hand. CKNW reported 28,000 tickets had been sold as of Monday morning and mentioned the Lions are expecting a crowd of 33,000.

This statment is out of a report from cknw monday morning, they should have at least 30,000 by know, i think anything under 35,000 is pathetic, for a game of this importance, and if it is raining on friday there goes a good walk up, i say they say 33,000 but i bet you they only get around 31,000.

Same thing EVERY week.

"So far "reports" say that _____ have been sold, I think this is pathetic, they should have _____ by now. Blah, blah, blah."

Too bad the numbers in reports are ALWAYS wrong anyways, only the Lions know the actual numbers.

I agree i wish they would not mention it at all, or the lions themselves should have a attendace counter on thier website that is accurate, if it hits over 30,000 3 days before the game bring it up if not then you know the crowed will be around 30,000. if it is does come up then you know it is going to be over 30,000 and so on, Poeople in this will accept what the attendace is the worst part is when cknw annouce they are expecting this and that and they do not even come close .

That is what people do not like, if it is going to be 30,000 no big deal but do not say it is going to be around 40,000 and 34,000 are there.that realy turns a lot of people off in this city.

My God, everytime I check on the BC Lions forum there is a thread on attendance and a running commentary on tickets sold. What's the obsession?

Heck, they don't even announce the attendance at Ivor Wynne Stadium anymore - and no one really gives a care. At the end of the day, the only people who should be so obsessed with attendances are the owners!

do you want to sit in a half empty stadium a lot of people do not want to , and yes some people judge what the attedance is to go to the games there could be other things to do in vancouver , and who wants to wasite there time sitting a stadium that is way to big for lions to begin with, with no atmosphere at all i think poeple have a right to know if it is going to be a decent crowed or a terribale crowed, like i said if people are thinking there is going to be a good crowed they will show up and if they are thinking it is going to a a bad crowed why should i waste my time and go. But people have right to know, becuae if they go and it is 25,000 when they were tols it was 30,000 would that not piss you off? it is like going to stay in a hotel that you resrerved and found out there is no cable on tv when they told you there was.

"They" are not the problem here, YOU are. I thought you would get that by now after weeks of people ripping you for never shutting up about this stuff.

HAHAHA I agree!!!! dupsdell stop with the attendance threads all u do is cry about the numbers!! we know there will be atleast 30,000 for every game this year, and if you told me that 5 years ago i would never of believed u, so be happy with what we r getting. The place seems to be rocking every game i have been 2 this year 30 or 40 thousand same shit!!!!

Considering the league lost a franchise with Ottawa till 2011, and its growing in Toronto where Toronto instead of getting 9,000 a game is now getting around 30,000, and BC place doing the same, that is just fine. Lets continue the game day thread and stay positive.

He often contradicts himself too, if he thinks 30,000 are sold by today, how would there only be 1,000 walkup fans? It doesn't make any sense. Then at somepoints it does. What were you saying in 2002 when we were only getting 19,000-27,000 a game with only the lower bowl open, do you not see the huge improvements? Another Grey Cup in Montreal this year too which will at least have 60-65,000 in the big O too. I mean I really don't get it, i haven't even been to a game this year and i'm not buying my ticket till friday, so...

I would consider 35,000+ for tonights game to be a good turnout and I think you will see that many come out to take in the game. I read on that sections 47-54 were opened, don't know if thats true or not but if it is then sales must be moving in the right direction. What a great week for the CFL with 48,808 at Commonwealth last night and hopefully 35,000+ at B.C. Place tonight. I will be watching the game from Nova Scotia even though it's an 11:30pm start time here.

I don't know whats worse,

Weekly Attendance threads
Expansion threads.....

Notice that none of the other teams make a big deal out of attendance?

not in the least... us REAL fans go for the game on the field.. not the number of people in the stands.. and for me personally i would rather have 10,000 or 15,000 real fans over 50,000 so called "fans" like yourself in the stands

Hey Sportsmen,

As I have said before, if some people don't like attendance or expansion threads then don't read them. I see all kinds of threads that I don't really care for but I don't post my displeasure in other peoples threads. If you don't like these threads thats too damn bad. We have the right to post these threads as far as i know, and they are indeed CFL related topics are they not?

If you can post the threads, then he can voice his opinions of them. Fair is fair.

To side with Sporty, though, there has been a significant number of the exact same thread started in this forum, which has needed habitual cleaning out this season. He is completely correct in implying that attendance threads are overdone in this forum.

Why did you delete my post jm02? Or did it not go through from my end?

I thought fair was fair? I was just stating my opinion on your last post.