Only 27,000 for Home opener

There were rumours of 35,000 to 40,000 + for this game. They didnt even break 28,000 for a home opener.

Really looks like Ricky is selling tickets. HA

Rickey will sell tickets just in other cities. Toronto fans are just not as pasionate as Hamilton fans, Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Hamilton is talking about adding extra seats. Also didn't we almost sell 25,000+ tickets to our pre-season game?

Just like last year, w/o everyone's favourite suspended player.

I think a lot of people decided to stay home and watch it on TV instead of seating in a sauna after they opened the roof.

I thought it was great with the roof open.

Sure, it's no IWS, but that was a fun game to be at.

I was at the game...from an entertainment standpoint it has to be the "cheesiest" sporting event I have ever attended.

These guys need to take a lesson from our Marketing Department on how to entertain fans during time outs.


I’ve been to both Argo and Ti-Cat games…I thought the Argos always did a fantastic job during time outs…

Oh course you would,you are a TO fan. You are one of them who actually eat up that crap.


  1. Home Opener
  2. Ticats in town (many of our fans coming up)
  3. Ricky's first CFL game

And T.O. can only fill 27,000 seats. Thats horrible. Good luck chewing on Ricky's salary.

yeah, you're right......the Burlington Band 9 times a year is much better.


Common theme here from last several years. Argos beat Ticats on field. Ticat fans find something to gloat about, in this case their 'marketing' prowness, number of fans etc etc.


Burlington Teen Tour Band might not be the greatest halftime show but it is better then some Country singer that no one has really heard of as well Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline sing along and then as I said in that one post the dumb song sing along. Oh yeah great things for keeping fan interest.

Hamilton had the same amount of fans for a preseason game as whoknows said with the amount of ticats fans there take them away and it would be even less.

Not much less. I did not see as many Ti-Cats fans out for the home opener as per other games last season.

However, about your pre-season game last week, how many of those tickets were give aways?

I noticed that too. Usually there are a few concentrated pockets of Ticat fans, and then plenty more scattered throughout the stadium - Saturday there was two busloads in the end zone and far fewer than usual on the Visitor side of the stadium. Wonder what's up with that.

Some interest from -

I heard the bus trip to Toronto was 40 dollars to ride in a school bus.

Perhaps that had something to do with it?

When the price was $20-$25 they were getting 10-15 busloads.... and when the team was competitive they were getting even more.

Lets do the math...

  • 2 Tickets (Through Argo Office Group Rate) = $42

  • Parking = $10

  • Gas = $10?

Total = $62

No Schoolbus, No fighting with drunks on the bus, no worrying about being ontime for the bus etc...

$80 for 2 people to take the bus isnt exactly a "great deal"

Im sure the price of Tickets of Rogers Centre went up, but it used to be a really good deal. Cant say that anymore.

I think they need to bring back the dog races.

I would say, ALL things considered, 27,000 for the home opener is pretty respectable.

One cannot UNDERESTIMATE the effect of the World Cup. I am sure alot of sports fans from BOTH cities stayed home on this account.

Also, with the FOLDING of Ottawa, the league LOST a little LUSTRE for the 'casual' fan.

Overall, it is the CFL and ANYTHING over 25 thousand, in my opinion, is RESPECTABLE.


I always enjoy asking those boisterous Argo fans who take pleasure in ridiculing our team when the Boatmen win @ Rogers Centre how many of them make the trip down the QEW to see their team in our house.

Not surprisingly, there are very few takers.

Hamilton fans are not afraid to go to Toronto to cheer on their team...what about you fickle Argonaut supporters.

Argos Sick!