only 20,000 at tonights game?

only 20,000 there when the Argos looked great last week, there has to be better crowds now that the Argos have one 2 in a row.

It was a Wednesday night, yeah not as much as youd like but once people know this team can compete, they will come back. A lot of people are turned off right now, and thats understandable. You have to win the fans back, theyre not a right.

I agree they will if they compete, i also think that people are going to waite and see attitude like we have here in bc.

Plus i guess calgary is not a big draw in the east too. were it is here in the west.

Not bad its is a start turning things around will take time and winning helps good job so far in 2010>

There were more than that there - but there were a lot of military comps and more besides that probably had it closer to 24k.

Agreed it was a Wednesday night. they'll get over 25K next week vs. BC.

I don't know why people try to make headcount an issue. David Braley's property and he said he's in it for the long term and added that he's expecting it will take at least 3 years to turn things around.

Kind of like looking at someone's wedding party and saying. Hmmm there are only 87 people.


Uuuuuhhh, every professional sports franchise cares. :roll:

And they should but not the guy in Saskatoon who's sitting in his living room watching a free feed on TSN is all I'm saying. He doesn't count. I don't count. The only time this becomes an issue is if you want to buy a ticket and they tell you they are sold out...

I don't understand something... Lets look at a couple of very different numbers and collectively scratch our heads.

Regina has a generous population estimate of 206,000 people, and they sell out their 30,000 seat stadium for every game.

Toronto has a conservative population estimate of 5,000,000 people, and they only sell 20,000 seats in a 54,000 seat stadium.

Now I'm not math wiz, but its pretty obvious that Toronto has the worst fans in the league. Torontonians should be ashaimed of themselves. They're missing out on a part of Canadian Culture that is cherished by the rest of us.

To quote Bart Simpson "Some say the ducks went to Canada, others say Toronto"

I would agree that Toronto is the worst CFL city. HOWEVER....I am highly offended that you would say the worst Fans. Argo fans are among the most passionate in the league, sure we dont have the numbers but the passion is certainly there. Again....Saskatchewan has nothing to do with this topic, it is about Toronto. Dont complain to the Argo fans that attend games and are passionate, complain to those that dont go to the games. Thank you.

If Saskatchewan had 7 wins in 2 years, and then had a game on a Wednesday night, I would think the stadium wouldnt be full. I'm so sick of Sask fans thinking theyre so great and how crappy Argo fans are despite all the bull**** weve had to put up with. :x

You're right, I'm sorry. I apologize to those 20,000 die hard fans. I didn't articulate my thoughts well... My words were meant to hopefully inspire, through negative reinforment, the remaining 4,980,000 residents who just don't seem to care about the Argos to start caring.

Next time you go to a game take 1 more person with you, maybe a child. If everyone one of those 20,000 fans brought 1 extra person with them to the game you'd have the best crowd in the league...

Apology accepted, its just annoying to be labelled as a crappy fan when youre the one doing your part

I would assume that uninterested Torontonians are not browsing this forum.
Maybe you'd have a better chance to grab their attention if you post something
on an NFL board ... unfortunately.


I was wrong, and was a bit disappointed they didn't get 25K. Just under 20K. But on the positive note, on talk radio (590 and even 640) the Argos were the main topic of discussion. Hey it's a start.

The Argos are going to be fine :thup: 20 thousand happy fans is a better situation than 32 thousand frustrated and disapointed one. :thup:

Attendance will turn around for the Argos if they keep on playing the way they are playing.
I look forward to the games and can't wait to see a couple of games this season.
Glad Parker and Younger are back; big fan. Happy they also have O'shea and Steinauer in coaching. We had great talent that was just let go...We seem to have gotten some heart back, hopefully, that puts butts int the seats 'cause they are fun games to be at. :thup: