Only 2 Championships

I well remember watching the Grey Cup game in 1989 between Saskatchewan and Hamilton. On that day, the greenies finally won after a long wait of 23 years. I was not born yet;( 1969 the year of my birth ) and in honesty I have not lived in Regina since the the late '70's. I live in Toronto now.
Despite the fact I live in Toronto, I remain a dedicate fan of the Roughriders. They have the most faithful and dedicated fans of any team in the CFL - How is it that they have only won the cup twice ?

1966, 1989[/list]

If we knew the answer to your question, we'd win the cup every year! Unfortunately, we don't know the answer, so we have to accept this freak of fate. I'm glad that we still believe in our boys, even if they have only won two cups. Maybe this is the year the football gods shine on us and give us the holy grail of football!

Well, obviously we don't know all the answers, but I'll give a few of the reasons.
And these aren't excuses, they are facts.
Until 1971, the west was generally at a big disadvantage when competing with the east.
They had more money than us, but on top of that, the west usually had a far tougher road to the Grey Cup.
A lot of years, when the Riders went, in the 60s, it was after playing a best of 3 West final--usually with Calgary, and the East only played a 2-game total points. Even if the West only went 2 games, in the east, if one team had a big lead after one game, they were able to rest players. You cannot do that in a best of 3.
And sometimes, it was even worse than that.
I looked this up, but one year, Winnipeg had to play 6, count 'em, 6 games to get to the Cup (1953).
Plus the game was always in the East. The Riders only win was in Vancouver. And the east only played a 14 game season.
So there was a real competitive disadvantage that was not balanced out until the 70s.
Check the stats. By 1972, Cups won were Winnipeg 6(?) Edmonton 3, , Calgary 2, BC 1, Riders 1.
Since then, the West has won more Cups than the East.

After the 70s, the finances in the league really became an issue.
TO stole some free agents from us in 1976, I think we lost Ray Odums to Calgary, and Rhett Dawson retired rather than accept the paltry amount we offered. Then we missed the play-offs.
Then TV revenue dried up in the 80s, so teams with private owners simply outbid us for key players.
The only key free agent QB we have ever signed, since Glen Dobbs, was Henry Burris, and twice he left us because we could not afford him.
The only successful starting QB the Riders have ever directly recruited out of college is Kevin Glenn. And only Kent Austin did we bring into the league (before losing him because we could not afford him)
In the 90s, finances became even more disparate, and the Riders, barely hanging on themselves, had to bail out teams like Hamilton, or TO, ironically paying them to have QBs like Doug Flutie and Danny Mac, while all we could afford were guys like Reggie Slack.
Even today, we can't lure guys like Burris, Dickenson, Ray, Printers, who have all been free agents in recent years, to play here.

Certainly we have had our share of mistakes and the board of directors at times seem incompetant (see the firing of Roy Shivers), but there have been real difficulties just surving in the by far smallest market in the CFL, let alone being consistant winners.

Fortunately, being a fan isn't just about winning.
In fact, any damned fool can jump on the bandwagon.
It takes real passion and some intestinal fortitude to cheer for your team in all circumstances.

Win or lose, Riders are #1.

'Nuff said.

Gee Arius, can you give us a Reader's Digest version of that post? Its not like the Riders havent had their chances to win more championships, but have come up on the losing end of about 4 or 5 GC games.

I bet i know how thwe voting went so far!

Me, Arius and dariderfan all said, "yes"

Sambo, due to the fact that he has seen to many breakdowns over years, voted "no"

Reader's digest version?
While we sucked from 1977 until 1988, and then again in the 90s...

No wait. Even shorter.
For 60 years, the league hated us, then we sucked.

We bin screwed!!

Anyway, I actually did not vote....I am way to superstitious to do that....

Quickly doing the math here…I think the Riders (Regina Rugby Club and on) have been in about 12 Grey Cups, only won 2.
I am pretty sure the two victories is correct, though the editing process continues on 72 and 76, so we may be up to 4 in the new digitally enhanced DVDs.

But it may be more than 12 appearances…

Quickly looking it up, we appear to have lost 12, so 14 appearances.
5 in a row in the 30s.
All as either the Regina Riders, or the Sask. Riders.
No Rugby teams.

2-12. Outstanding!

I'm not predicting 2 games.. I'll vote should we win and how we look on sunday based on what i see @ the game... also, how the highlights of the east game portray the winner of that game

And this was a great post to read thanks Arius

Only two more appearances and the Riders tie Edmonton for most appearances! :rockin: :wink: (that is of course including this year)

Most of the time when sometihng like this comes up I say!!! but you know what I actually said yes because the Riders if they can get Omarr, Kenton, and Bush back, can be a fighting contender in the Grey Cup, speaking of that, whens the Grey comin to Regina??

please do not bring topics that are 4 months old up again. especially if you have nothing to say

I had to vote no sorry abot that but i relaly dont think they will this year. I wouldnt be surprised if Calgary does very well, but i really dont lke calgary that much.
Ha I noticed after i voted the poll was at 9-9 50% right down the middle maybe a sign of the classic green and white 9-9 record

Oh that's harsh man....