only 2 Cats make TSN top 50 list

Well what do you know,big surprise :roll: only Fantuz (#32)and Gable(#19)managed to crack the top 50 player list from TSN.
The team by team breakdown was as followed:BC(10),Mtl/Calg/Sask/Edm all tied at (7),Tor(6),Ham tied with Wnp at (2)and Ott at (1).I guess we can all forget about any success this year when you couple it with having no league All-Stars selected last year,I mean seriously how in the world can we even compete with only 2 players ranked in the top 50 ? and with Fantuz on the IL
and not playing in the season opener,I guess that leaves us with Gable and 43 other players that are anywhere from barely adequate to mediocre to go up against those nasty mean greenies who won it all last year.Oh woe is us,whatever shall we do ?
Yup :roll: I think we're done before the season even starts,it's going to be hard to win any games this season when all we have on the roster are players like:Collaros,Koch,Grant,Wojt,Figueroa,Ellingson,Bulcke,Laurent,Lawrence,Murray,Plesius,Butler,Stewart,Medlock,,Davis,,,Stephen :cowboy:Boudreaux,Stephen,Beswick,Norwood etc etc.Oh well fellow Cat fans what can I tell ya :wink: with this lack of talent it looks like it's going to be a long season here in the Hammer...............hopefully one that ends in November with us hoisting the Grey Cup :smiley: OSKI-WEE-WEE !!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: here it is TSN's top 50 players list for 2014.

I think I posted the wrong link for the Top 50,below is a corrected repost of the link Top 50 players(or you could call it the top 48 players plus 2 Ti-Cats) :thdn:

Like you wrote in the first post, nobody predicted Hamilton would go to the GC last year with all that player and coaching turnover and without a stadium to play in. This year is going to be fantastic!

Why do you even care about such things? Is it that you always just dwell on negative things?

The best way for Ticat players to earn peoples respect is to come together as a team and dominate all season. Not making it onto some meaningless TSN list. Being on that list can't win any games for you.


I guess you've figured me out Kevin,because I'm one of the most negative Cat fans that posts in here :roll: Yup,nothing but doom and gloom posts from me.I suggest you reread my post buddy boy,I don't really care that much,believe me,in fact I love the fact that we only had 2 players make the list.I guess you've never heard of sarcasm and light humour,you need to lighten up a bit and not be so defensive when posting in this forum.After all,we're all big fans of the team and the CFL in general,otherwise we wouldn't be bothering to post in this forum at all now would we? :slight_smile:

Those lists are just idiotic. Forget about 'em. The Cats have a great team this year and that's all that counts.

Bingo!!!!!! Exactly the reason why I posted it in the first place,at least somebody gets it :slight_smile: :thup:

Remember too, the list comes out of TO.; source of the majority of Canada's b.s.

This was all Argos and Lions

The Tiger-Cat players like usual have to claw their way to the top of any list, hey it still comes down to performance and if many of the Cat players start leading or winning the individual categories like rushing, receiving, scoring and sacks you'll see many of these lists change and more Cats will be named but I would rather have a complete winning team than individuals that top the list, we have the youngest team in the CFL and the most potential, if they can pull it all together we could have a winner for many years to come!

And I say that as an Als fan whose team had a number of players make the list, some undeservedly so. I mean, Duron Carter has great potential, but he has exactly one good season under his belt. But you’ll put him on this list and leave out Billy Parker, one of the most underrated, quietly effective defensive backs in the league for the past five years? Bah. :wink:

7 Eskimos made the list and look where they are !!

didn't henry burris play for Hamilton last season. So technically we had 3 on the top 50.



As Huf would say, we have them where we want them.


Oski Wee Wee,


I always take these things with a grain of salt. However, TSN's constant disrespect for the Tiger Cats is getting
increasingly tough to take. I really have to believe that if Craig Butler was on the Green Riders he would also
be prominently placed on the list. Welcome to Hamilton Craig!