Only 18,000 for Argos Game ! Where are all the Bashers ?

18,000 and change, Brutal :thdn: :thdn: It looked like there were 12,000 :thdn: I wonder how many paying fans, 10,000 ??It looked like a couple thousand Sask fans were there :thup:

That is surprising. Great crowd for their home opener and it sounded pretty loud on tv tonight

It was loud because of the 5000 Rider Fans, you could hear them!! Go Riders Go :thup: just like the the Argos home opener when upwards of 10,000 Ticats fans were very loud :thup:

18,211. :oops: :cry:

I love the "go Riders go" chant you could easily hear in the final quarter.

That number is downright scary for the league.

Or you could take a positive spin on it and conclude that the GTA is finally embracing the CFL and have become very knowledgeable about the game. They all knew this one wasn't going to be much of an issue after 3 quarters, so rather than rush to and from the game, back and forth from work, they just stayed away. :lol:

Who cares about the fans who weren't there? The ones who did go saw a good game! It's still early in the season and a Thursday night with rush hour traffic, attendance is often soft the first few weeks in many cities.

The Argos lifted the Toronto blackout for tonight's game which probably didn't help ticket sales. No doubt the TV ratings were excellent with hundreds of thousands of viewers from across southern Ontario.

I have to give this one a pass with the Floods that have been happening in TO, But I have to say David Braily has been a excellent owner for the Lions And the Argos, well his time has come I wish he would sell one of these teams so he can concentrate on Either TO or BC , he has too much on his plate he can not devote his full time at this,

or maybe he should sell both and retire from football all together, he is not helping the Argos or lions at all.

Yeah...between the water issues and a Thursday worries

Y'know, I just don't get it. Why do people feel the need to bash teams for their attendance figures? Of course, attendance is very important, and every team wants a big turnout for as many games as possible, but it hurts the league on a whole when a team has low attendance figures, not just one team.

You can bash a team for their players, their coaching staff, their fans, but why do it for the attendance figures? I mean, to discuss the problem is one thing, but to just slam it as an insult to fans of that team in particular (which I've noticed has become quite common on the boards recently) just seems ridiculous to me.

From the perspective of watching on TV, attendance seems to be down across the league this year. Nowhere near a sellout in Regina last week. Not as many as one would expect in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver or Montreal. Only Winnipeg would seem to have had all seats full. Lots of empty spaces everywhere else from what I can see.

I totally agree. I think for quite a few folks out there it's some badge to say that one's own group of fans is better than another's. Personally I think this attitude is a complete waste of time. I have fan friends of every team in the league.

In particular, the Argo fan base is a bit smaller, but if you've ever hung out with them for beers after the game downtown, you will know that you would be hard pressed to find another fan base more dedicated, genuine, hospitable and welcoming.

Exactly...for the health of ALL the CFL we should all be rooting for big crowds everywhere.

Attendance is up over 2000 per game on average as of last week. I posted it on another thread a while back.

As for Regina...they set an opening day team/Taylor record for attendance, and something like 3rd highest ever attendance at the facility. It was not sold out because they have however many extra thousand seats this year, which were not ready 2 weeks prior, and were not anticipated to be ready for week 1. Attendance was 35,296. Capacity 2 years ago was 30,048 and moved up through-ought the 2012, maxing at between 33-34000.

Horrible stadium (worst football venue in Canada for sure), horrible night (Thursday in a major city with one of the longest average commutes) and bad time of year (Pinball commented 3 years ago the last time the league screwed the pooch on Labour Day that Argo ticket sales are always slow in summer and pick up post Labour Day.

Last year their highest pre Labour Day attendance was 22,912, after Labour Day their lowest was 23,061 and highest 27,283. While 18K is not good I doubt it will be their season high and nothing to be too worried about yet.

Maybe so...but then either a lot of the people with tickets aren't showing up or are coming disguised as empty seats. And there were empty sideline seats in Regina and Montreal, something I haven't seen in years.

Thursday night
Major road closures in the area due to Molson indy, added an extra hour plus to my drive to the dome.
Still more than the Ticats draw for their home games. :thup:

Argos next home game is a...Tuesday. this team was shafted hard by the blue jays.

Kind of feeble excuses, are you saying that road closures shut down the subway, trains, trams, buses? What about all the fans that live downtown within walking distance?
Thursday night games?? That's regular night for football the last few years.
This is the Grey Cup champs and they can't draw after everything that they''ve done? So much for the CFL resurgence in Southern Ontario.

Really…I was in Regina and the only empty seats that I could see were the new endzone seats. Even the upper deck and sideline/endzone seats were full. But hey, I guess there generally are empty seats when you set stadium attendance records right :roll:

I love watching the CFL, best entertainment for my money and time. The fact is I agree, Argo fans are as good as any CFL fans for their team in the league. There just aren't many in Toronto and area at least not that many willing to spend time and money to show up at the stadium for the game. Is that a problem? Only if the Argo brass thinks it is I guess.