Only 10 months till '07 season starts

Nuff said.

Bring on Ottawa.

thats how long were gonna have to wait for a win

After the performance tonight, I would really like to withdraw my bid on one of the gold jerseys.

I think you're a little overconfident there.

Yep, the charities that would be making money from this auction can't be too pleased with what happened at the game.

And you know, Lancaster talked about lack of effort tonight, and I have to agree. And so perhaps you don't need to worry about the jersey you get smelling like sweat.


I hope there is a complete house-cleaning, and that Lancaster has nothing to do with any future hires for this franchise. His over-bearing ego has poisoned this team for the last two years. He was never happy about being replaced after the 1-17 year, refused to address the QB situation because he wouldn't admit his trade for Marcus Brady was a flop, and he convinced non-football people like Katz and Dean to pull the trigger on Greg Marshall, so that he could feed his ego and leave the sidelines on his terms. This season is lost, but clean house completely because the fans deserve better.

Too bad for the Tiger-Cats. What a shame.

And that is the reason I will not withdraw my bid.