Online Streaming of the Game??!!??

It's raining lightly here... so of course Bell ExpresVu isn't working! A stiff breeze ruins the signal.

So I'm freaking out! Is there a way to watch the game online?

I'm sick of Bell over charging and under performing! Bell ExpresVu is the Casey Printers of the TV world!

Dont hold your breath. TSN no longer provides live on-line feeds of CFL games across Canada. US and International only.
You can download the game, immediatley following the live action, from TSN's VOD website.

I watch all games live on CFL Broadband ( I’m an old Hamilton boy livin’ in Napier, New Zealand (first place in the world to see the sun each day). I love watchin’ the games on line, cheap I reckon. And the have all the games archived for real cheap. Hope this helps. :thup:

'Go CATS!!!s