Online petition

I have decided to proceed with an online petition. (see link below). Let's see how many signatures we can get. I am also posting on my facebook page.

Done, I also posted the link on my facebook page as well as my Tiger-Cats 2010 page!

signed it

Lets sign this pettition and show the city staffers that there rose colured glasses arent worn by everyone

you got my vote


Signed and posted on my Facebook page. I'll probably also post it on my blog as well. We can't just sit back and let this happen. Good on you for at least doing something.

I signed the petition also.

Bomber Fan here. Just signed the petition. Hope this all goes your way. Absolutely ridiculous that there is even talk of this team moving! Good luck everyone - make this right!

I want to add it on facebook but i cant find it

just PM'd you

Your petition includes Chedoke.

Was Chedoke ever seriously on the table?

You want the city to review all available locations?

Is that even possible?

I'll bet the Niagara Escarpment Commision would have say. Perhaps more than the city does.

Looks like Chedoke is in an escarpment protection area

[url=] ... june05.pdf[/url]

I've signed as well.

Let's tell Mayor McCheese how we feel about his decision concerning WH and how we need the Ti-cats to stay here in Hamilton. Let's rally everyone from fans, to local businesses, Ti-cat officials, media personalities and citizens. We need to make our feelings known.

Actually, my reference would be for an independent organization to review all locations and make the top 2 or recommendations based on a set criteria agreed upon (which I believe already exists).

As far as Chedoke, if the Airport (he only other location considered early on) can seriously complete against the WH, why not.

Out of curiosity Cap, I know you support the WH, but is that you first and only choice?

when u wanna do this im game

We need to do this on a Saturday or Sunday, when most people are not working. I think next Saturday would be the earliest. This needs to be planned out and we need to get this publicized as much as possible. Radio, newspaper, TV, Facebook etc. I can start working on planning/organizing some stuff if you are serious.

Signed it too!