Online Link To Winnipeg-Toronto Preseason Live

23 June 2011

I hope they keep the starters in awhile because this is looking so good!

its back up on TSN

I gotta say, I like hearing the coaches and QBS!!!
its really cool

Has Buck thrown a pass longer than 10 yards yet? Everything has been a quick dump-off.

No kidding for sure what gives? The Argos are playing solid bend-but-don't-break line of scrimmage defence and really hitting hard.

This game would not be as close in score with Boyd in there for another option. Except for no Boyd and no Owens, do you realise we just saw for the most part a regular season half of football?

Also there are a few too many dropped balls by receivers on both sides, but I bet most of that is them hearing the footsteps of some great defending and hard hitting that follows.

Both starting QBs are looking good at least in form and decisions and not making mistakes. Lemon is ready to go for sure. We'll see what Elliott is really made of in the next half too.

I think most fans on this board seem to be selling Toronto short as did everyone last season only to be proven wrong, but I see plenty of upside this coming season.

this game has been good for sure

Boyd was in for a while but he came out, he wasn't very effective when he was in but mainly because the o-line wasn't doing great.

hewitt looks like a good back up kick returner

And the woes with the Argos’ receivers remain damnit despite the ample advance warnings in the offseason! :x

I believe right there is the difference between Toronto’s potential as a good team rather than a great team.

Dropped balls, let alone consistently dropped balls, are not acceptable.

This is pro football not like most of that amateur football crap.

If you are a pro football receiver let alone a defensive back, if you can touch it you can catch it. :roll:

Yes I was wondering what the heck happened to Boyd when I saw those stats.

It would seem to me the Argos have their work cut out for them with regard to the run blocking schemes of the line and also the timing of the line and the ball carrier on those plays.

Those challenges for the Argos' offence seem odd to me because last year the blocking and timing of the Argos line and ball carrier was great on both the running plays and on their signature play-action screen pass "rolling thunder" play as was run also successfully early in the game last week.

well hopefully it has something to do with the fact that Murphy and Van Zeyl aren't on the O line.

although I would hope that Eppelle would be ready to play some minutes by now, I've seen him give up a saveable sack already which is dissappointing.

Very entertaining affair, loved the mics. :thup:

Wow what a good game that turned out to be even as only a preseason game. :o

What an ending too.

Sure enough Johnny Sears, who was just plain fantastic on special teams, really screwed up the tackle that would have saved the touchdown if not also any score.

I think Duane Forde said he heard LaPolice say on the microphone that Sears would be making the team.

remond willis missed the tackle.. argos would have still kicked a fg. it was remond willis who whiffed in the backfield... not sears.

I just checked the tape again and saw the number 0 on that player.

Number 0 who missed the tackle is listed as Johnny Sears whom we saw make great plays all game.

Do you have two zeros on your team in preaseason? (cue the jokes)

And no field goal is a guarantee.

Just be happy it's only pre-season. :lol: