Online feeds

does anyone have a link for online streaming of most of the games? I mean live if possible, my sister is working where there is no tv and want to stream games while she is there.

I was listening on Sirius radio. Not sure what they are doing there but all you can hear is fan noise you can barely make out the commentators.

I quit wasting my money on cable back in December. On occasion, streams CFL games live. Outside of that though, I watch games via some "illegal" sites. I would rather not post the addresses on here, but they are not difficult to find.

I just wish TSN and the CFL would get with it, notice that it's 2012 and start streaming every game online. I'm getting sick of watching games illegally. :lol:

Paolo X does a good job of listing the feed he uses just after a game starts. I'd suggest a private email to him on what sites he uses or how he finds them.

thanks for the tips guys, i;ll pass it along.