Online Assault on Toronto!?!? Who's up for it!!!

Since most regional and national newspapers have a "comments" section under each story, the opportunity to rub our rivals nose in their failures has become quite appealing.

This came to me after reading an article in the Star about the Blew-team's recent changes -- to which, of course, I responded with my opinion and followed that up with an "Argos Suc*K".

I said to myself, "self, why don't I do this in every article?" So far, I've simply been basking in the gloriousness of such a brilliant idea.

This soldier is on a mission. Today -- a Friday before a long weekend -- I will waste company time by needling my rivals in a public forum. Regardless of whether the discussion is even about football.

I look at this as a one-man mission...and if others decide to join, it will be a One-Man Mission of Many (...and, gender specificness is one of the fairer sex would ever bother with such nonsense.)

Now, for the good of OUR nation...I head toward enemy lines.