Onknight's Wish List

Onknight are you and the Amazing Kreskin one of the same? :smiley:

Here is a review of your wishlist from your blog:

Here is What I would Do now and to start Next Season.
(1)Start Timmy Chang -Done Sept 3/07
(2)Cut Jason Maas Before Labor day. - No but whose perfect?
(3)Sign Casey Printers He won't make the Chiefs -Done Sept 6/07.
(4)Next Make a Trade and get Some DB's Who have played in the CFL. - Fingers crossed
(5) Fire All the Coaches with no CFL Experience
(6)Get some Assistant Coaches who have played and Coached in the CFL. - Fingers crossed

:oops: Thank you

I do my best But I Watch alot of Footballl
I mean alot of Football

Nearly 60 HRS A Week.

Including Ticat Practices.
CFL & NFL Games Collage CIS and NCAA.

I Study the game and Love it ..

speeking of that when and what time to they ussaly practus?

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=pracsked&func=view]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=p ... &func=view[/url]

You find out here also Check you have a PM

onknight you also forgot:

-install a spread offense similar to Casey's mvp season. Allow him to improvise and audbile.

-install a 34 defense based on speed young LBs

-remove the gold uniforms.

I like the Gold Uniforms

wow...just wow.

and Onknight...60 hours of football/week?? either you dont work or you dont sleep. im all for loving a sport, but thats bordering on(or already crossed over into) obsession.

I work for my Self fixing Computers at Home
Plus I have Small Pension.
I have the Time

someone pays you to watch football?
thats still way way way too much time.

IYO. IMO For me It great ..

Diffent Strokes for Diffrent Fokes..

in my option?

you should spend a few of those 60 hours readin up on spelling and grammar.

I learned the hard way on "ticats.ca" to never point out spelling or grammatical errors in others because it's Murphy's Law that I will make a spelling or grammar mistake myself during my rant. It happens every time. :wink:

case in point ------> 'readin'

TGIF :cowboy: