WHO CARES :thdn:


Of course he wasn't, anyone that "encourages"other fans to cheer for the opposition and threatens the team with "losing us for good" (whose us?) isn't even remotely a Ticat fan.

I Agree :cowboy:


Yep it was a political statement, i guess you missed his youtube rant lol.

Thanks drexl for the info I didn't notice too many other fans following the best way to protest is to wear the paper bag

Maybe you missed the "IM OUT" vid, or his last 100 posts, or his begging to borrow a stamps jersey to wear at the final home game, or the grim reaper post on his blog, or the constant never ending scab picking from day 1 of camp on.

There's a fine line between encouarging change, and calling it quits as a fan and trying to bring other fans along on your anti-Cats crusade. In the past week his post are nothing short of venomous and malicious.

The IM OUT vid threatens the team with "losing US for good" as though he speaks for the majority of fans, which he most definately does not.

Attending practice and chatting it up with the players, asking for, and receiving interviews then donning the colours of the opposition is backstabbing bullshit and the man that does it IMO is the farthest thing from a 'fan' I've ever seen.

Yes I was out of my Ticat Gear
I Did not go to practise this week
I Didn'T even talk Ticats that Much

I was mad mad mad as a Hatter . :lol:
10 Sacks bad play vs BC.
I just Need to step back from this team to get my Facilities back

Cant knock a guy for his passion towards his favorite team. You might not agree with his idea and you might even dislike it but in my opinion the person who doctored up the video is a waste of space on this planet. I thought it was a good heartfelt and passionate rant from a real fan who just wants to win and is doing what he wants to express it. The person who put the link to the doctored video up should be ashamed of himself.

canucklehead i agree with you I didn't know about onknight spazzing out over the last loss I always wear my gear no matter what happens. we just have to think of we have to sometime come out of this funk of losing .but hey ONKNIGHT you should be used to losing seasons being a DETROIT LIONS FAN .I cannot even remember them having a winning season but to make a point don't wear your gear next game and maybe the will win again

Agree on the doctoring, fully, but passion?
I witnessed first hand his passion before when his comments about Mass's family got him the finger,
and the good folks here ran down Jason fot it. If being a "real" fan involves taking shots at a mans family because of the score at a freakin football game then scuse me if I don't stand in that crowd.

Well Sir Can be back up The Fact I Said Anything to Him?
I don't think you can.
Cause I did not do that I did boo the Guy.
But that all water under a Bridge.

This your second great post in 2 days. Who knew? :wink:

The One thing I have learn is that Being some what Famous.
Is people will love you or hate you there little Grey area.
I am The kind fan who will say what is on his mind.
I do speak up and to some people see that is a threat.

I understand not everyone will like me
Hell there Day I Question my Self too.
That is what happens when you Speak your Mind

Onknight is the sort of fan who may be "passionate" but is woefully misguided. Encouraging Ti-Cat Nation to don the colours of the opposition is quite frankly the most cowardly act a "supporter" of a team can suggest. Hopefully he will now learn to take a page from Big Ang and the rest of us...


...and I'm here!

The only reason the Cats won was because of Onknight's protest threat :?

Somewhat famous! WHO?


When people at work first showed me the youtube video of this buffoon throwing his head set and threatening to grow a beard, I felt uncomfortable because I thought everyone was making fun of a person who might be mentally challenged, and I thought that it wasn't right.

Then they showed me the black and gold report website that he runs, and I saw all of his asinine comments and the various spelling and grammatical errors. After that, I was 100% CERTAIN that this person was mentally challenged.

Then, they showed me all of his youtube posts where he talks about following around girls from his high school with a camera, and how he is looking for specific types of girls to date, and I felt better because I could tell that he was just an idiot and nothing more.

Now I read that he thinks he's famous? My god, he's not joking, he probably really thinks that he is!

It's our fault really. We continue to make fun of him instead of just dismissing his foolishness and it's giving him delusions of grandeur. We should stop for the betterment of society. I don't need to see his name on my election ballot next week running as a single party candidate vowing to clean up the Ti-Cats.

He goes to every practice he says? Well, my guess (after seeing all of the lovely things he has to say about the Cats) is that the players and coaches probably could care less if he was there.

I don't spend a lot of time posting on this board, nor have I ever been to a practice, and I don't even run my own website. I guess the demands of a normal sex life prevent me from having the time to waste on such things.

I do, however, like the Tiger-Cats, and I do like most Ti-Cat fans. But this guy, he's just gotta go!