Ongoing retirements

I know the Riders have been hit hard...but
Lower dollar is a factor
Wealth gap is a huge factor....the minimum is just too low
Preservation is becoming a decision maker in multiple leagues
Some of it is retiring new guys who end up backing out...that way they cant just jump ship to somewhere else...a newer but growing practice for contract management.
And unfortunately the new PED checking is a factor in some I am sure as well

When I looked in early May the Bombers were getting hit the hardest, but its touched everyone. Wilson left the OL for the Argos and Hinds the Esks OL a bit back, and now the Esks have been hit with a couple more today. It happens all the time, but the numbers are getting pretty big across the league.

Former Rider staple at C has elected to retire, Dominic Picard.