Ongoing NFL playoff teams predictions

at the moment, I am predicting the follow teams to be in playoffs

Bills, Dolphins, Chiefs, Chargers, Colts, Steelers, Bengals

Bucs, Rams, Saints, Eagles, Vikings, Bears, Commanders

Expect this to change during the season

What’s the reasoning behind the spicy hot take with the Bears and Vikings making it to the post season and not the Packers?

I think Rodgers is in a snit and will not have his usual season, plus their receiving weakness.

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I picked the Bears instead of the Packers on a hunch. Looks like I may have walk that back.

And what gives with the Bengals and Colts. I think they must just be trying to make me look bad. :slight_smile:

You can’t walk back predictions when they look like they will be wrong. Otherwise it’s not a prediction and I would be perfect in every pool I enter.

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well, I said it was ongoing predictions which mean they can change :slight_smile:

Taking a look at my predictions at the halfway point

who knew the Jets and Giant would do so well.

at least it is looking like I was right not to include the Packers

In AFC - Bills and Chiefs were no brainers, even if the Bills may slide a little with Josh Allen injury.

Dolphins doing pretty much what I thought they might do

Still got confidence that at least one of Chargers or Bengals make it

Colts a real long shot, I had thought Matt Ryan would get it done.
Steelers are a pleasant bust.

In NFC - No team is doing what I was expecting

Did not expect the Eagles and the Vikings to do quite as well as they are

Bucs in position, for now, but not nearly as well as I expected and Falcons may take them out

Saints devastated by injuries to stars and starters. Still possible, but not likely
Rams, some injuries and some failure to perform. Dont expect them to make it

I am thinking that one of Bears or Commanders will make a strong finish to maybe grab a spot

Bears are two bad ref calls away from being in much better position.

Dallas and Seahawk success is a real disappointment

Good analysis of your predictions which were about 50% wrong. Not that I would necessarily have done better. I think that is a nod to the parity that the NFL has more than any other North American sports league.

I share your feelings towards Seattle’s remarkable success. Geno Wilson. Who knew? You have Dallas all wrong though. I view them as the most likely NFC team to make the Super Bowl. They had the best offense in the league last year and the best defence this year. If they can put it all together they may even win it all.

yeah, I did not so much underestimate Dallas as I just hoped they would underachieve. Wishful thinking

well, I got 5 right in AFC at least.

Not so good in NFC, only 3 right.

also got GB not making it right

When the Steelers are out, everybody wins.

Would love to see Bills face off against the Vikings in the Super Bowl .