OneRepublic to lead pre-game festivities for Lions' home opener

VANCOUVER — Global pop sensation and Grammy nominated OneRepublic will lead the pre-game festivities at BC Place when the Lions kick off their 68th regular season on Saturday, June 11.

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What about Chilliwack? They're out on tour on the casino circuit

So will TSN extend their coverage to let us all see the pregame? Thought not.

TSN is broadcasting the Riders at Hamilton at 7PM est and the BC game at 10PM est
TSN could break away through the 4th quarter of the Hamilton game to cover the concert, maybe Ticat and Rider fans wouldn't mind?

Chilliwack puts on a great show, seen them several times in past 10 years. Same songs with ten times the energy.
Waiting patiently for Winnipeg date.

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Well to tell the truth I'd rather watch football, & I'm pretty sure Ticat & Rider fans would mind. Got to keep Bobo happy😉!

That one song counting starts of Onerepublic on YouTube has 3.5 billion views .