O'neill Shipped To B.C

Cats get a 5th round pick for him

[url=http://ticats.ca/tiger-cats-trade-offensive-lineman-oneill-to-lions/]http://ticats.ca/tiger-cats-trade-offen ... -to-lions/[/url]


I wonder if this is related in any way to bringing back Simmons? In other words, are the coaches thinking about a ratio change that would see three International starters on the O-line?

Because otherwise, it's not clear why you'd want to jettison National depth from a unit that wasn't especially deep.

Drew's take

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 14m14 minutes ago
O'Neill could be a starter at centre for the #BCLions & he lives in Victoria so he's close to home. Good move for him, too. #CFL #Ticats

5th is a 2016 pick

O'Neill tough versatile Canadian player, hope they have a solid replacement for him.

How lovely for both O'Neill and the Lions. The benefits to the Cats are less obvious.

In a longer piece, Drew mentions salary cap savings.

The Cats have Rice and Girard as plug- in replacements. O'Neill will be missed. He has that nasty edge to his play. I wonder if the Lions feel that Norman, the centre from Western, is gone in free agency. The 2016 draft has a few good Olinemen that the Cats might be interested in and the Cats should have the 5th pick in the first round. The Bombers used their #1 in the supplemental draft last year.

Now if we could just get Davis and Hall signed, we'll be ready to go.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

One of the most dependable centres in the entire league Tim O’Neill only worth a Fifth rounder? :o

I wouldn't exactly call him one of the most dependable centres in the entire league. O'Neill did play some at centre while here in Hamilton but was used primarily more at the Guard position. I would call O'Neill one of the more flexible dependable O-Line man overall in the CFL. As for only getting a Fifth rounder for him you have to bare in mind that he is 36 years old and probably only has at best a year or two left in the tank. It's a good trade for O'Neill as he gets to go home to finish out his career out on the West coast plus he has a chance to be a starter once again which he wasn't here the last couple of seasons on a regular basis.

IMHO, It is clearly a move to clear cap space for Emanuel Davis.
O’Neill was probably $100K + range and accommodates him back to his home Province

Bingo. Give that man a cigar. :rockin:

While O'Neill is certainly a dependable back up and occasional player who filled in well when the OL started dropping like flies, he probably has only a year left on his contract. I can see the team possibly using that draft pick (or another) to pick up a young OL player to develop. While I'm sorry to see him go, I don't think the team will suffer as a result of the deal.

They re-signed Aprile (which I wasn't expecting) so I'm wondering if they are thinking of starting 2 national receivers, although which talented international would be left out is hard to imagine. Just a thought and I may well be way off base but they will have that flexibility if needed.

I'm sure the coach has a plan that will soon become clear.......Aprile? :?

My thoughts exactly! However in my previous comment I was thinking Fantuz and one of Watt or Coates starting with Aprile being a back up to one of the starters. I didn’t think he stood out in a good way when he had the chance to play last season (one dropped pass that would have been a sure TD in particular sticks in my mind - not that it was the only one), so I really expected Austin to let him walk and maybe if they had signed Chambers, he would have.

I would expect Anthony Woodson to get more involved in the Offense this year, He can play Slot and RB

I agree that a Fantuz-Watt-Coates combo with "Johnny April" or a high draft pick wide receiver would give us ratio flexibility. 2 starting Canadian receivers + 3 Canadians on the Oline = 5 Canadians on the Offence. Add 3 , 4, or 5 Canucks on the Defence (Laurent, Stephen, Butler, Gaydosh, Plesius) and voila, you have all kinds of depth options.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)