I dont know much about this guy but why are we sighning someone who has last coached in a hockey rink. It's a totally different game there, i'm sure he is a good guy and knows alot about the american game but coaches must have experience with OUR game.

I hope the Frankfurt Galaxy told Kevin Eakin they flood the field
and make it into an ice rink for them to play their games on now.
click here :oops: :smiley:

LOL. You knew what I meant. Oneil is from the Arena League. Good one though

The only references linking Ed O'Neil and an arena
that I can find, greycup06, is the Commerzbank Arena

and maybe the Frankfurt Galaxy website report saying
Frankfurt iced the Cologne Centurions 17-10 in a game.

no relation, I use 2 "L"s.

Maybe its this guy:

We signed Al Bundy as our defensive co-ordinator? Sweet!Oh sorry wrong Ed O'Neil

What dose Al Bundy know about Defence..
He was a running back at pooke high
Scored 4 TD in single game..

Then Got Busy with Big Read Head..
The Rest is TV History..

This is directly off

under Coach Profiles.

Ed O'Neil
Defensive Coordinator

Ed O'Neil is entering his eighth year with NFL Europe and won the World Bowl with Frankfurt in 1999, while serving as the Galaxy's linebackers coach from 1999-2000. With the Rhein Fire he reached to back-to-back World Bowl finals in 2002 and 2003.
He returned to the Frankfurt Galaxy for the 2004 season as defensive coordinator after working for three years with the Fire as defensive line coach. He reached the World Bowl final in 2004 for the third time in a row but lost with the Frankfurt Galaxy to Berlin Thunder.
As a player, Ed O'Neil was selected by the Detroit Lions in the first round and as the eighth player taken overall in the 1974 NFL Draft. He played for the Lions from 1974-80.
As a linebackers and special teams coach at Rutgers (1984-94) O┬┤Neil worked with former Frankfurt head coach Dick Curl, who later employed him in Germany. From 1996 to 1998, O'Neil worked as defensive coordinator for the University of Buffalo.
In 1982, he was on the staff of Eastern Michigan, followed by a year in Indiana (1983). From 1970-74, he played for coaching legend Joe Paterno at Penn State. O'Neil's son, Keith played as a linebacker for the NFL's Dallas Cowboys in 2003.

Hope the info is "informative".


I bet the Cats can get a good deal on shoes for the players wives and girlfriends. :lol: