Oneil Wilson

Why is he still a ticat?

He better be cut after this week. The guy is a joke.

i agree.

2 dropped passes and he was only thrown to 3 times

Didn't he fumble too?

Worst performance of the night.

Richie #2.

and we cut french for this guy...


Woodcock was invisable, Bauman too. Not to mention Rodriguez.

Can't cut em all. Richie wasn't doing them any favours either. Most of the cat offense was fire drill running around by Williams.

Can't win balln games or develop receivers that way.

...glad to see you guys picked up Wilson....the Bombers secret weapon tonight...i'll take Armstead any day over O' Neil...he seems to have the case of the dropsies and Jason had a few nifty returns sooooo thanx Als. and gave us a return game...of sorts.... :thup:

:roll: yup?

Wilson will be replaced by Giguere before Labour Day.

I just hope they dont wait till Giguere is released before they cut Wilson.

Wilson should be traded to Ed were Peterson can teach and counsel him on how to come back and make us look very bad. :frowning:

I don't think Wilson needs any help on how to make us look bad. He did just fine last night.

Wow!....what can I say.
When you look up "butterfingers" in the dictionary, O'Neil Wilson's name is beside it.
They weren't tough catches he was dropping either. You don't win games with players like that.
Adios...O'Neil :cowboy:

The home game against the Eskies....he dropped a perfect pass. Might a been a game breaking catch.

Yeah, another vote for "gone".