O'Neil Wilson

Zurkowsky is reporting that Wilson is available for trade, and that Popp is talking to Winnipeg about him.

[url=http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/football/cfl/alouettes/story.html?id=ac9887c8-a6b9-4b6e-ae53-17d3eb3b707c&k=58687&p=2]http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/foo ... =58687&p=2[/url]

If we traded him to Winnipeg, who would you like to see in return?

I liked Wilson. In the Grey Cup, and other times Calvillo did not throw to him. At least the Als shoulg get a number 1 pick in the )* college draft.

Maybe we can trade Zurkowsky!

I could live with, but at least he got this one right.

Now who the heck is Cory Hucklack and why do we need another linebacker??

I am questioning myself about this trade. O'Neill was not spectacular, but he was an efficient receiver. I am guessing that by trading him, that Popp is very confident that Stala can regain his 2005 form (he was injured for much of 2006).

As for the new guy Hucklack, he did have a very good/stellar university career in the CIS. I expect he will be at the very least a good special teams player.

Popp is too smart to make a bad trade. Especially when dealing with Brendan Taman! Don't forget that Popp once got Ricky Bell from Taman for a special teams player (Ryan Folk, I think). I know Bell was in Taman's doghouse at the time, but it was still a great trade for Popp.

hmmm, well i remember last year when Popp made this trade--Kelly Malveaux for a 6th round pick...im not sure who the als drafted but Malveaux sure had a pretty darn good year..and he still has a few more left in the tank..so Popp wasnt so smart there.

Malveaux was becoming a liability to the Als' defence. He allowed too much room to receivers in coverage. Honestly, he spent more time putting his helmet back on after the whistle than he did celebrating good plays and/or hits.

He's a better fit in the Bombers' system, especially with his ability to play a little LB. But his trade was no mistake by Popp. Malveaux was expendable, and the low pick the Als received for him is really indicative of what the team thought of him at that point.

How can you say Popp was not so smart if you don't remember who he got?

Had he received Ted White in the deal than you would be correct!
If it was Calvillo they you are way off base!

Yes I know it was neither of the 2 but the point stands.

Popp has an eye for talent.

He always get's some no name, or someone not gievn another chance, and he ends up being a someone.

Keith Stokes, Anthony Calvillo, Ezra Landry, Lawrence Phillips, Robert Edwards...

I agree. Imo, he is the best at finding the most talented young players who are not in the NFL.