One year ago today

Tony Proudfoot passed away. Mark my words he will be a canadian historical figure. I know it was tough to see the alouettes not win this year but I'm consoled by the fact that it was fate. Nothing anyone could do. Tony played 3 years with the Lions and that turned out to matter a lot. His legend is as good as sealed now. The proudfoot dynasty is complete.

Go Als Go Als Go Lions. :thup:

Personally, I always thought Proudfoot was our best DB in the years he played. Randy Rhino and Dickie Harris were great, granted, and they received a lot more press attention and praise, and I am not in any way denigrating their performances, but I did at the time and still do rank Proudfoot ahead of both of them.

it's also senior ah me's......i mean junior ah you's birthday. :stuck_out_tongue: happy birthday junior.

77 forever. :thup:

Canadian Press named BC Lions canadian team of the year over the canooks.

the alouettes have won that award in 1970 and 1974. only ottawa 69, edm 75,82 and ssk 07 have accomplished the feat.

Dawson College gymnasium now officially named after Tony Proudfoot last thursday. :thup:

Tough time nevertheless for wife Vicki. :frowning: