One Year Ago Today.

We lost Coach Lancaster.

The team, league, country and city is still a little worse off.

8) Indeed. I couldn't believe when I saw in this mornings paper, that it is one year ago today.



I couldn't believe it's been a year already either.


My sentiments exactly, Z!

Oski Wee Wee,


I prefer to remember 10 years ago this coming November. Celebrating life achievements is so much better. Can't say I have ever taken note of the anniversary of anyone's death.


And if the CFL had an all-Canadian rule, how many of us would have had the privilege to have seen Ron Lancaster play in the CFL and following from this know what a great contribution to football he would have made in this country?

Thanks for reminding us.

My thoughts go out to Ron's wife Bev and the rest of their family today.

My favourite memory of Ron was the day a few years ago when Ron was General Manager.

A veteran of either the Tigers or the Wildcats showed up without warning at the locker room door one day to see if he could get some medical advice for the chronic pain he was in as his own doctors didn't seem to be able to help much. The gentleman, clearly in his 80's was all crippled up and on a cane and could barely walk. Ron was fetched from the front office, he invited the man into the locker room, listened to his story and immediately, and with no hesitation, passed him over to Chris Puskas and the training staff for an examination, assistance and advice.

That was a pretty cool thing to do.

We miss the little general dearly.

I saw the memorial in today's paper and couldn't believe that a year had passed.

Ron sure is missed by the Ticat organization and the fans. He left us with many

treasured memories.

My sentiments exactly. I couldn’t agree with you more.

I Coach my 1st season in 10 years in BMFA at His Suggestion
I Decated the season to him Coach Lancaster AS Burlinton won it OFC Summer League Title.
Thank you Ron For Getting back into Coaching I love doing it .


Truly a legend.

We miss him, and we will always remember him.

RIP Mr. Lancaster!

It was appropriate that the game winning TD seemed to be a tribute to the Little General, as we mentioned here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=45711

There was a good TSN segment on Lancaster and his grandson that you can watch here:

He was a class act. I had the opportunity to play in a golf tournament with him. Even years after the event, he would remeber me when we ran into each other at various events.

Love ya and miss ya, RON!