One week to go!


I’m ready!

As a CFL fanatic, I should be saying YES! But I find myself saying NO, not yet. Season should start on July 1. We should not be going head-to-head with the NHL and NBA finals or holding training camps in crap weather (as evidenced in Eastern Canada) leaving players susceptible to hamstring injuries.

The CFL regular season starts AFTER the NHL final finishes.
The CFL regular season opener next Thursday will run against the NBA final if that goes to seven games. All other CFL games run after the NBA finals.

As for the injuries, by your logic there should be no CFL games in November when there is the possibility of snow.

I prefer the June start, especially when considering the possibility of a December Grey Cup. Brrrrrrr! No thanks.

The CFL season starts on 6/13. In 2017, it was 6/22 and Ambrosie has been floating a much earlier start to the season when most Canadians are not thinking about Spring football.

As for my “logic,” I am talking about players not used to the rigours of training camp participating in two a days in cool, wet weather.

More than ready. Can’t stand basketball and there are no hockey teams to scream for this year. That said, go Blues 8)