One week to go.

Only one week to go until the free agency deadline and who have we signed? The silence from Riderville is deafening. What is going on?

It depends on what we're reading and whose blogs we visit. Rod Pedersen's blog suggests Cates, Szarka, and maybe even Eddie Davis will be back in the fold before Feb 15th. The NFL window closes Feb 10th, and Fantuz hasn't received too many sniffs, according to either Rider Rumblings at the LP or Pedersen's blog (Can't remember which one said this).

Fantuz will not be going South.
He is not a Prototypical player for any NFL position.

To be honest I don’t really know if Cates sticking around is such a good thing. I like Szarka but I really thought he would retire this year. And well Eddie - I never believed we were in danger of losing him. I’m anxious to see what our new GM is made of - I guess we’ll see when the 16th rolls around.

...Taman got you Kelly Bates today....things are looking up :thup: :lol:

Bates.? That's Kind of a weak first move by the top dog. More of a fizzle then a bang.

Well, we also released Bobby Harris and Antonio Hall. Those are good things.

no knock to Bates, would love to see him 5 years ago, but Taman had better be putting in resources into some players and coaches PDQ, instead of wasting time scooping up old veterans that have PR value. There is some serious damage happening in this particular off-season, Bates could have come later if time and money warranted. We all know big Gene's days are numbered, maybe a year left, and Bates will probably be right behind him. How is this developing our future roster (and O-lineman to boot...). I think Taman is underestimating Riderville if he thinks he can distract us with this signing.


I don't think its effect on "Riderville" played any part in the decision....

Maybe Bates came cheap .$$$$...

Coming home to roost ...

i dont like seeing donte heard going... but it's quite possible he was wanting to much money?
the lack of signings is making me un-easy... c'mon taman, grow a pair and sign some bodies! gotta spend money to make money.

Looks :cry: like people can't wait to get out of Riderville looks good on you

Can you say; ballboy bends over, 10 times.

Here's some noise,

Fantuz is signed.