One week off is enough, two bye weeks in less than 6 month season is too much

Oh come on now Tipper give them a break!! :wink:

  1. I don’t know about giving them any breaks at all, Top-Cat !! 8) 8)

If they don’t win on Thursday night, then this team is in serious trouble !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :-[ :-[

At least that is two weeks we won’t lose!

Ignoring the obvious for a second - that player safety must be a top priority - there’s a correlation between how “good” a game is and the amount of injuries the teams in that game are dealing with. The more injuries, the less interesting a game is likely to be.

With the rest of amount of rest, everyone wins - players, teams, fans. I don’t personally know if two bye weeks is that number (it’s not in my area of expertise/responsibility) but there’s some information on why the number of bye weeks might go up or down.