One week off is enough, two bye weeks in less than 6 month season is too much

One bye week is enough in a short June -Oct/Nov season for my attention span ,anybody else?

We already have long TSN commercials slowing down the in stadium experience to an irritating level.

Now two bye weeks …bad call or do you agree or care less?

I’ll see your two bye weeks and raise you to three. (This season)

Sparse information considering what’s facing the team. It’s as if the beat reporter took off on holidays and said reporter and his editor think it’s perfectly acceptable and professional for people to shut up and wait until he gets back.

No way!!

Yes way.
Sept. 30 - Oct. 11
3 it is ....HATE it!!

Yes way.
Sept. 30 - Oct. 11 inclusive

3 weeks off sounds like a Snoozefest?

You should probably demand a refund.

Though note that the hand-wringing you're complaining about the absence of was present in a Steve Milton opinion piece published Thursday.

And during the bye week, there's no reasonable expectation that the players and coaches will be available to the media anyway. In the case of things like Saunders' health, the answer can change by the time day 1 of practice rolls around after the bye anyway. And if the team is tweaking anything about their schemes during the bye, do you think they're going to choose to tell the press?

The only glaring thing was the lack of post-game video interviews after the Winnipeg loss, and that happened after the game in Sask as well. 3DN did post a Canadian Press writeup with a few Ticat quotes after the Winnipeg game.

From a player health and safety viewpoint, I’ll bet they appreciate the extra time to rest and recover from injuries both big and small. As fans we would want to see our team every week but the players do need a break. The other end of the spectrum would be the Maryland Terrapin situation where players are driven so hard that calamities occur . After all, it is still just a game.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

How do you schedule a nine team league without bye weeks? Only 8 teams can play each week

Good point, otherwise, we have those crazy two games in three days deals or two cross-country games within a week. I’d just like to see the Cats use those bye weeks productively, to work on weak spots and improve their play.

Just have one game per week with 3 teams playing against each other at once. Problem solved. :wink:

Have to agree MikeT, it makes sense that if the league mandates a bye that it would also mandate a break from practice. Although some of the other teams seem to come off the bye looking better rested and better prepared, than the Cats after our last bye week. I guess the proof for the Cats will be in this week’s pudding? Eskies have had a relatively short week plus a travel day.

Great idea to give the players a much needed rest if the bye weeks are properly spread out. I spoke to a player from another team and he told me the coach expected the players to practice on their bye week. Not sure if he was blowing sunshine up my dupa or not but some teams seam to come out and play better after a supposed week off. The Cats have historically played poorly after a bye week. I guess we will have to see.

8)Actually they only have 3 days of full practice !!

They came back to work on Sunday, and practice, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday is a walk through and stretching day(always that way for a game the following day)
which is Thursday !

I think that is a real joke, that they only practice 3 days to prep for their next game ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

But thems are the rules as laid down by the CFLPA :-[ :-[ ::slight_smile:

I guess we will see who has used their time for practice wisely and prepared a proper game plan. For some strange reason I do not have a lot of confidence in either direction considering the teams past performances.

Never mind after a bye week. They tend to play poorly before a bye week as well.

Ouch! :wink:

  1. LOL, how right you are pope, lets just say they tend to play poorly all the time !! :-[ :-[ ::slight_smile: