One Way to Promote the CFL.

My son, and his boss are big CFL fans. The company has twelve season tickets (3 groups of four) to hand out to customers. Like many of the posters here they too get frustrated by the lack of promotional stuff done by the teams and league. So they came up with their own idea.

Dozens of Customers always ask each year for donations to golf tournaments. In the past, they have gone out and bought things like Power tools, Golf bags, putters, $75.00 Keg certificates, etc. This year they decided to go out and purchase a bunch of game jerseys with Geroy Simon, Joe Smith, and Cam Wake numbers on them, and give out a Jersey as a Golf prize. Their thoughts are: If people wear the gear while out and about, it only raises the profile of the league and game.

Good idea or not?

Other than the fact that the Jerseys are of the Lions it's a great idea :wink:

Kidding of course, I can't see why there's anything wrong with that idea, if only more companies and the league were to follow that lead.

Obviously I live in a place that has no shortage of CFL hype and apparel around, but I think it would be great if the league was held in a higher esteem other places as well.

i think that is a good idea, it does allow more gear to been seen making the public more aware of the league and its teams. I would probably do something along those lines if i ran a buisness

You guys get Great Hype! I was watching a program on the dish from your Regina outlet I was amazed at the commercials that your players and team are involved in. (Sask Tel, some Car dealership immediately come to mind) I found when I worked and was on the road, the prairee people support their teams really well!

Hype and pride in your community go hand in hand, not just with pro sports teams but a lot of things. One thing I believe that is lacking in some urban areas in Canada, not as much in the prairie urban areas though, is hype and pride in their community, it's all about what the community can do for me and who cares about the community. Not totally of course but just more pronouned in some areas over others. Maybe has to do with proximity to big things American so close here. That being said, I think one of the strangest happenings in southern Ontario, sports wise, is how London packs 9000 in every night to see the OHL Knights. I was hoping the TiCats would be selling out for the Cats all the time since Bob Young took over but not the case although the Cats haven't been nearly as successful on the field as the Knights on the ice since London built the JLC and since Bob Young took over the Cats.

Anyways, true hype I think starts in the heart.

well said earl. i fully agree. I think a huge factor is how people grow up and their knowledge of the sport. I know alot more people that are born and raised in winnipeg then in bigger cities where moving to other cities is seen alot more. So i had the chance to sit and watch the bombers play on the couch with my pops and built my love for the team and the game.

Hype does start in the heart and with the change in time we keep finding less people with it.

I envy you footballmad growing up in Winnipeg like that with a dad like that. Now I grew up in London and when I would sit down with my Dad and when I wanted to watch a CFL game and the NFL was on, he just wanted to watch the NFL, I hated that about him. God rest his soul, he was a great father, but he only liked big American things. I wish London had a CFL team when I was young, oh well, what can you do.

...its not a bad idea Sporty...I was given an Oiler jersey some time ago and it does a great job making sure my garage floor isn't stained by anything that might drip off the engine of my jeep....

The problem with my Flames Jersey is that I can't tell if it's Oil dripping off my car or just the look the Jersey is supposed to have :wink:

How do you put the CFL on the front page? Do a deal like Tillman just apparently made...

How about a (expletive deleted) video game!!!!????!!!!!???? God Cohon get on it dude.