One Two Three Gone!

It truly is amazing how fast posts appear and disappear on this list. I was going to respond to my new friend (EZ is all I can remember) but I can't find his answer any more, nor my post for that matter. That's too bad. Some of the points he made were appropriate and some were, well, what can I say and not get censored again. I just love flag wavers.

This Listserv is just grand if you don't have any strong opinions and wish to express them. This type of autocratic censorship practiced here under the various guises of preventing disagreements is the kind of thing that doesn't do anyone of the folks on this list any favors. We have some great people here, astute followers of the game, knowledgeable, great fans, those who proffer excellent comments and ideas. To bad you have to be a BFF to the moderator(s) to post anything.

Shame on you guy(s). :thdn:

I expect the moderator(s) to knock this off as soon as they see it, since they have already dismissed two of my posts.

I may be naive, but I've never seen anything of the like that you're accusing of this board. I find it to be a very open and welcome board that encourages a free exchange of ideas and opinions, Sure, some heated debates occur. Some name calling arises. Even some nastiness ensues. But I've never seen or heard of any posts being deleted from myself or from that of other posters I've come to know on this forum.

I feel stupid replying to the OP on this thread since I now realize, after some surfing, that @bigapple's post that he is complaining got "stripped" in fact just got combined with a similar, if not, exactly themed & titled thread.

The problem is people not sticking to the guidelines. If someone upsets you because you don’t agree with their opinion then why attack them them personally. Some people don’t know how to debate so the way to disagree is to insult someone.
If you want to respond to someone and it’s between the two of you send them them a private message

This. Sometimes things get consolidated that I think should stay separate, but much more often I see people starting a thread to try to get extra attention for their own opinion even when others are already discussing the exact same thing elsewhere.

I've posted some harsh comments about the team and management in the past, but I don't recall any of them ever being removed. Mind you, on those rare occasions where I cave in to hostility, I lean more towards the sarcastic and passive-aggressive rather than outright name calling. :wink:

[url=]viewtopic.php?f=5&t=83887&start=15[/url] It's 2ez4thacats,and here is where it is...not gone just consolidated with the one deleted since they were basically the same topic.You can respond to him in this thread here.

Over the few years that I've written on this board, I've had some entries deleted, one fairly recently. I was disappointed at the time, but looking back, I can honestly say that it wasn't entirely undeserved.

I also frequent a guitar forum and they are no different. In fact, this one is a bit more liberal.

Let's try to remember one key rule, it's THEIR forum so they set the rules and make the decisions and they are final. I can live with that.

There are also a number of CFL team sites that do not have a forum. So, it`s good that you even have such a facility to make your voice heard.

Now, repeat after me, "Thank you, Bob".

I'm on another football forum and they are very selective who they allow on there, you can say what you want and the "F" word is used alot. No censorship, say what you want but no other teams fans are allowed so no insults, goading etc

This website does operate in a more public type forum because it is linked to the Ticats and it is an "official" team website, so I understand the censorship and monitoring of comments.

Regardless of what some have said or think about the Caretaker.....Mr. Young is in my opinion by far the BEST owner in the entire league!!!!!!!!!!! Name another owner that would join in on a game night thread and converse and chat up the game with the fans?? Bob has put with a lot of crap and abuse from a lot of the fan base here....But in reality,we woudn't have a team to have a forum like this for if it wasn't for the Caretaker in the first place. Thank you Bob!!!! Indeed!!!! :smiley:

Well said Bobo. :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy and Caretaker fan)