One, two punch...

Here's a topic to chew on.

When was the last time (if ever) we've
had two QB's in on a play?

Let me explain.

Williams has my interest piqued...
I'd like to get him in on a play or two...

Either lined up as a halfback or slot...
swing out pass then he in turn tosses the bomb to Flick or Hill....

I'm sure Eakin or Williams would like to play at their position but say Holmes needs to be taken out for a breather and you send in your other QB...

Or send in Eakin with the punting snap and he tosses it to someone downfield?

I know with this years offence baby steps are needed...but why not try some different things as well...what do we have to lose?

We have all these athletes lets stir it up.

good point eek.... how bout a fake field goal when eakin is the holder mmmm...

You're not allowed to have 2 QBs on the field at the same time, because they exist outside the import/non-import ratio.
You would have to list one of them on your roster at another position and have him take up an import spot.


The reason they do this is because a team would figure,

"We dont need 3 QB's so we'll put Corey Holmes in as the 3rd QB... allowing an extra Import on the field"

Good call jerk.

it actually could be done...

i suggested it with Dmac and Brady last year, (Brady being a glorified RB anyway)

you'd have to have four QB's on the team and designate one of them as a regular import player.

at which point, by all means put in williams as the other RB, and use him on some trick plays as a second QB.

However, if you had a Canadian QB, you might be more likely to list him on your roster at another postition, taking a non-import spot of someone that might otherwise not get much playing time anyway.

A little too much work for a trick play isnt it? lol

Uh, yeah... that's what I was referring to when I typed "You would have to list one of them on your roster at another position and have him take up an import spot."

yup.... but at 2-10 its not like that much work has been done. (no offense to the players, who actually have been busting their collective asses all year.)

You don't need a second QB to run that trick play anyway. Teams do it all the time with a receiver or running back.
Edmonton could use Mathieu Bertrand, their fullback who played QB at Laval.
If Jon Behie from Mac is good enough to make it as a receiver he could do the same.

Toronto played a couple of games this year with Noel Prefontaine as their 3rd string QB. Did they designate him as a "QB" on the roster?

  • If not, how could they use him there in an emergency?
  • And if so, how could he play at his regular position? My guess is that a punter can be counted as a QB anyway ... not sure about FGs and kick-offs though. Or maybe any special teams is OK because the other QBs aren't on the field.

even if we could use 2 QB's on a trick play do you not think that the defense would suspect that the 2nd QB would be involved somehow and key in on him? by the time u get the ball to the other QB the defense is right there...just would not work in the CFL!

I think that technically the punting team is still on offence, so a QB can be on the field.
I vaguely remember the Cats lining up Ken Hobart in one of the "up-back" positions on the punt team on a regular basis one year.

you'd have to build up for it. like i said, williams (or brady for that matter) would also probably make a good limited RB. it would take some time to build the respect from the defense for both the run and the throw from both the QB and 'RB'.

it would provide options, which provides chances to score.

I guess what it boils down to is that I'd like to see Williams on the field in some capacity...
That beautiful tight spiral long pass after a bit of dancing in the backfield to Peterson?
really caught my attention...and to have him stuck on the sidelines..waste of talent and opportunity.

in addition to my last post without editing

It'd be kinda like a play action doesn't work without a good running game, this wouldn't work wtihout a set up.